Christine V. Lafferty, Esq.

South Jersey injury lawyer

Christine Lafferty, is a South Jersey trial attorney at Grungo Law. She brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the realm of Personal Injury. Prior to joining our team, she served as a named partner at a general practice law firm and continued her litigation journey specializing in representing plaintiffs in civil litigation matters.

Christine’s career in Personal Injury law was a deliberate choice driven by her desire to make a meaningful impact for injured Plaintiffs. With a profound commitment to client advocacy, Christine provides a voice for the voiceless who have suffered due to the negligence of others. Her role involves championing the cause of individuals and families, and guiding them through a complex justice system. Christine’s practice areas range from nursing home/elder abuse and neglect, sexual abuse, trip and fall incidents, motor vehicle collisions and many more.

Some of Christine’s notable results include:

$981,000 for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision

$750,000 for home health aide abuse;

$650,000 for a trip and fall,

$275,000 for nursing home abuse

$265,000 for childcare negligence

Beyond her professional pursuits, Christine embodies the value of family first. She spearheads Grungo Gives, our firm’s community engagement program. Grungo Gives is dedicated to supporting people and organizations within the corners of our communities. Each month, Christine organizes fundraising and volunteer initiatives to give back to the very people who make our communities so incredible.

Christine cherishes moments spent with her family, especially her one-year-old daughter Charlie. She is a member of the New Jersey Association for Justice (NJAJ) and the American Association for Justice (AAJ) and serves on their Board of Governors and Women’s Trial Lawyer Caucus.  Through NJAJ, she teaches seminars regularly to trial attorneys all over New Jersey.

Christine Lafferty, Esq. is licensed to practice law in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.