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Injuries cause difficulty and disruption. You might face unexpected medical bills while you miss work because you are hurt. You could be worried about an injury’s long-term impact on your life.

A South Philadelphia personal injury lawyer could help you navigate these difficult times. A dedicated attorney could investigate an accident, identify negligent parties, and demand appropriate compensation. If negotiations do not result in an acceptable settlement offer, a legal professional could file a lawsuit and prove liability in court.

Contact our team today if you reside in the South Philadelphia West or South Philadelphia East neighborhoods and wish to pursue damages after an accident. We provide vigorous representation to all accident victims.

Any Accident Could Lead to a Personal Injury Action

Accidents could happen in various ways, and a lawyer in South Philadelphia could advocate for a victim regardless of how they sustained their injury. Common situations that might lead to personal injury claims include:

  • Slips and falls on another’s property
  • Burns and inhalation injuries from fires and explosions
  • Vehicle accidents, whether the injured person is a driver, passenger, pedestrian, or cyclist
  • Workplace injuries
  • Losses resulting from a healthcare provider’s negligence
  • Nursing home neglect
  • Dog bites
  • Defective products
  • Accidents on elevators and escalators

An injured person must prove another party was negligent to collect damages for their losses. The evidence required to prove negligence varies depending on the circumstances. A legal professional could evaluate the circumstances of an accident to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to pursue a personal injury suit.

An injured person must act quickly to preserve their right to seek damages. Generally, Pennsylvania Statute §5524 allows injured people two years to file a lawsuit, although an exception might call for a different time in a specific case. If the Commonwealth or a local government is potentially liable, the time to make a claim is even shorter. Consulting a legal professional immediately after an accident ensures that an injured person does not lose their right to sue.

Possible Damages Available in a Personal Injury Claim

The compensation an individual seeks in a personal injury case is called damages. The negligent party who caused an accident must reimburse an injured person for their losses. Sometimes, when a responsible party’s behavior was especially reckless, a court will order punitive damages to punish them.

Compensatory Damages

Economic or special damages are losses that have a monetary value. A responsible party might pay economic damages to reimburse a person’s medical and rehabilitation costs and any expenses incurred in treating, recovering from, and living with an injury. Economic damages also include lost wages, the value of any sick time or vacation days an injured person used while recovering, and diminished future earning capacity.

Non-economic or general damages provide compensation for losses that do not have a clear financial burden. An individual could receive non-economic damages for their pain, disability, emotional suffering, lost enjoyment of life, scars, and other impacts of an injury that affect their quality of life.

Punitive Damages

A court might award punitive damages if a responsible party’s conduct was grossly negligent, intentional, or malicious. Most personal injury cases do not merit punitive damages, and an individual cannot receive punitive damages through negotiation—a court must order them after a trial. Punitive damage awards are usually twice or three times a plaintiff’s compensatory damages.

Deciding whether a case supports asking for punitive damages requires a seasoned attorney in South Philadelphia to closely consider multiple factors and ensure evidence proves a defendant’s outrageous conduct. If a defendant’s behavior was shockingly reckless and a plaintiff suffered severe harm, seeking punitive damages could be appropriate.

Seek Damages for Losses with a South Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney

If you were in an accident in South West or South East Philadelphia, you could seek damages for your losses. The compensation you receive from the responsible parties could pay your medical bills, reimburse your lost wages, and provide enough money to allow you to move forward after your injury.

Discuss your situation with a South Philadelphia personal injury lawyer today. With their help, you could hold the responsible parties accountable for the harm they caused. Call our team today to learn more.