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Accidents on the job are a risk in every industry, whether it’s a slip and fall accident working in a school cafeteria or a catastrophic crush injury at a construction site. When an accident occurs on the job in South Jersey, the attorneys at Grungo Law should be your first call after the dust settles. When an injury threatens your livelihood it’s natural to be alarmed. Workers’ compensation claims are rarely easy and require extensive documentation and a diligent filing process. Even better, your attorney may be able to find further options for recovering damages caused by the injury, such as through a third-party liability claim. Reach out to our South Jersey injury lawyers today for a free evaluation of your case.

What Are My Options After a Work Injury in South Jersey?

If you’ve been injured while on the job in South Jersey, your attorney can review the circumstances of your injury to determine the best way forward for your claim. In most cases, you’ll have two options to recover damages like medical costs and lost wages:

  • File a workers’ compensation claim
  • File a liability claim against a third-party

Depending on the circumstances of your case, third-party liability is often a better option for recovering full compensation for the significant damages a serious injury causes. Third-party liability occurs when the injury happens due to an at-fault party that isn’t your employer even if the injury occurred at work. Some examples of third-party fault include contractors at construction sights, defective product manufacturers, and drivers who cause an accident while you’re making a delivery, pickup, or running errands for work.

Many employees choose third-party liability lawsuits because they don’t come with the limits placed on workers’ comp claims.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in South Jersey

If you’ve been hurt while on the job in South Jersey, you must notify your employer immediately and ask for an accident report detailing the circumstances of the accident. Your employer will then notify their insurance provider of your injury. If the injury prevents you from working for seven or more days, the insurance company will evaluate the injury and its cause to determine if you’re eligible for benefits including medical costs and a percentage of your average weekly income. If the claim is denied for any cause, you can appeal the action. Because this process is complicated and time-consuming an attorney can help to facilitate faster action on your claim to relieve your financial concerns.

Why Choose a Third-Party Liability Claim Over Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation exists to provide a fail-safe method for ensuring workers hurt on the job continue to receive income while they recover. In a no-fault state like New Jersey, employees don’t need to prove their employer is at fault for the accident in order to receive benefits. A workers’ comp claim ensures that you’ll continue to receive 70% of your average pay while it also pays for the medical treatment for your injury, typically through a doctor of their choosing.
If your injury was caused by a third party, you can choose to file a third-party liability claim instead of workers’ compensation. This type of claim does not limit plaintiffs to economic damages like medical costs and lost income but also allows compensation for non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Proving liability requires showing that the at-fault party was negligent in their duty to take reasonable measures to ensure your safety and that the breach directly caused your injury and the related financial damages.

Why Choose Us for Your South Jersey Workers’ Comp Lawyers

At Grungo Law, we understand how distressing it is to have your ability to support yourself and your family in jeopardy due to an on-the-job injury. We will use our years of experience with work-related injuries to evaluate the unique circumstances of your accident and determine the best move forward to maximize your compensation either through workers’ compensation benefits or a third-party liability claim. Contact our South Jersey law office today for a free case evaluation so we can begin finding the best strategy for your claim.