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If you suffered a personal injury as the result of a vehicular accident, an unsafe product, medical malpractice, or because a responsible party, such as a property owner or landlord, was negligent, you have options. You may be able to file a claim and be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, car repairs, pain and suffering, and other losses.

A serious personal injury can change your life. It can leave you temporarily or permanently disabled, which may mean lost wages for you and your family, the loss of your ability to perform normal daily tasks, or the inability to provide for your family’s needs.

Deadlines to file the required claim forms are strict, which is why you need a Gloucester County personal injury lawyer on your side to make sure all filing deadlines are met. Missing a deadline or forgetting to complete a required form can prevent you from being able to qualify for compensation for your injuries, so talk to a proactive and knowledgeable personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us for Your Personal Injury Attorneys in Gloucester County?

Gloucester personal injury lawyer

The attorneys at Grungo Law devote themselves to client-centered advocacy to achieve the best possible outcome for every injured client’s case. By using time-honored legal methods and the latest in cutting-edge technology, we achieve notable results for injury victims. We provide the following advantages for every personal injury client:

  • A powerful voice behind your claim with our team’s history of recovering over $150 million for our injured clients
  • A lead attorney, Richard Grungo, named by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Attorney—a certification given to fewer than 2.5% of the state’s attorneys
  • Innovative legal strategies by a team of the finest legal minds in New Jersey as well as dedicated representation by an attorney devoted to achieving the best outcome in your case
  • A policy of responsiveness and open, honest communication with our clients so you’ll never be left in the dark about the progress of your case
  • Experienced investigators, negotiators, and litigators with the knowledge and resources to achieve the maximum compensation through a settlement or jury award for your damages
  • A track record of success including notable settlements and jury awards such as a recent $6.5 million settlement for an injured construction worker and a $4 million verdict for a medical malpractice case

With a free consultation and contingency-based payment, you pay us nothing until after you’ve recovered compensation in your Gloucester County personal injury case so you have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain by skilled legal representation in your case.

Common Causes of Personal Injuries In Gloucester County

Any time an individual or entity’s negligence or recklessness causes injuries to another, they can be liable for any resulting damages. Personal injuries can be the result of many events, including but not limited to:

If you were injured in any of these accidents or in another type of accident or attack that was the result of another’s negligence or recklessness, do not hesitate to call a Gloucester County accident lawyer who can help you evaluate your case.

Common Injuries in Personal Injury Cases in Gloucester County

Depending on the type of injury, personal injury victims may require extensive medical treatment, long recovery times, and help accomplishing daily routines. Some injuries cause life-altering consequences. Even less serious injuries can cause significant financial hardship for a family when a large medical bill comes due at the same time that the injury victim has lost one or two paychecks. A successful claim brings financial compensation for common injuries from car accidents, slip-and-falls, dog attacks, and negligence-based injuries such as the following:

  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Ankle injuries
  • Wrist injuries
  • Disfigurement
  • Burns
  • Soft-tissue damage
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Dog bites
  • Wrongful death

Your personal injury lawyer from Grungo Law will carefully calculate your damages and speak to medical experts about your future medical costs and the level of pain you can expect to endure until you reach your maximum medical recovery. Then they’ll present a compelling case for full compensation to the appropriate insurance company to negotiate a settlement or take the evidence to court in a lawsuit if required.

If a personal injury resulted in a loved one’s wrongful death, the attorneys at Grungo Law can help you recover compensation for your family member’s medical costs, funeral expenses, loss of family income, and emotional grief and anguish.

Gloucester County’s Time Limit For Filing A Personal Injury Case

In New Jersey, generally you must file a lawsuit with the civil court against the person or organization liable for the accident within two years from the date the injury occurred. There are also some laws which may shorten this time frame. If you fail to meet the deadline, you may lose your right to be compensated. There are exceptions, however, which is why you may want to consult with a well-informed Gloucester County personal injury lawyer.

An injury resulting from the negligence of a state employee or agency requires you to file a formal claim within 90 days of the injury. After six months, if the claim is not resolved, a lawsuit can be filed. The lawsuit generally must be filed within two years of the injury. However, if there was a death involved in your accident, reach out to a Gloucester wrongful death lawyer about the statute of limitations for a wrongful death claim.

Can’t I File a Personal Injury Claim Directly Against the At-fault Party’s Insurance Company Without an Attorney?

It’s always beneficial to hire a personal injury lawyer before dealing with the insurance company after a personal injury. An attorney offers experienced client advocacy methods protecting a client against common insurance company methods used to protect their profits. An insurance adjuster assigned to your case defends against the following common insurance company tactics:

  • Offering an early settlement before you could possibly know the full extent of your future damages—this is almost always significantly less than the amount available to you in your claim
  • Calling on a recorded line and then taking casual remarks out of context to use against you later
  • Asking for medical authorization to review the records of your injury and then using the blanket authorization to scour your entire medical history to find a previous injury or medical condition they can claim as the cause of your pain and other symptoms
  • Following your social media pages to seek photos and comments they can use against you even if you were smiling through your pain
  • Claiming the doctor’s recommended treatment isn’t necessary for your injury
  • Assigning you a portion of the blame for the injury so they can reduce the payout they owe you for your expenses and compensation for pain and suffering

You shouldn’t take on this challenging system in New Jersey personal injury law without skilled legal counsel throughout the process.

What Can a Personal Injury Attorney in Gloucester County Do For Me?

No injury victim should have to navigate the legal complexities of a challenging personal injury claim while simultaneously struggling to recover from serious injuries. Insurance companies commonly take advantage of vulnerable clients by offering lowball settlements or wrongfully denying claims. A personal injury lawyer from Grungo Law will do the following:

  • Thoroughly investigate all aspects of your injury by examining photos and security footage, speaking to eyewitnesses, and consulting with experts
  • Identify the liable party and the appropriate insurance policy, such as auto insurance in a car accident or premises liability insurance in a slip-and-fall case
  • Document evidence building a compelling case for compensation
  • Present an evidence-backed demand package to the insurer with evidence of their client’s liability and a list of your damages
  • Negotiate with the insurance adjuster assigned to the case to achieve the highest possible settlement
  • Attend mediation sessions to secure compensation outside of court whenever possible and in your best interests
  • Take the matter to a courtroom to argue for full compensation before a judge and jury when necessary to protect your rights and best interests

A personal injury attorney is the best possible ally in your claim for damages. You deserve the best possible representation against insurance companies that prioritize profits over an injury victim’s payout for damages.

Understanding Liability in New Jersey Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury law in New Jersey centers around the premise that every person has the responsibility to behave reasonably or take reasonable actions to prevent causing harm to others. A successful personal injury claim relies on documenting evidence that meets the legal points of liability which include the following:

  • The at-fault party owed a duty of care to take reasonable measures to prevent injury
  • They breached this duty through an act of negligence
  • The negligent breach of duty directly caused the injury
  • The injury victim suffered significant economic and non-economic damages

In specific circumstances, injury victims owe a higher duty of care; for instance, doctors owe a special duty of care to their patients. They must treat the patient at the level of care accepted by their peers in the medical community. Breaching the duty of care leaves a defendant liable for the victim’s damages.

Talk to a Gloucester County Personal Injury Attorney

Do not attempt to file your lawsuit on your own. The legal process is filled with filing deadlines, specific documents and forms, investigations into the circumstances that caused your injury, negotiations with insurance companies and other parties, and many other factors. A Gloucester County personal injury lawyer who is knowledgeable about the personal injury legal process can handle your claim and manage all aspects of the legal process to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact or call today to make a no-obligation appointment.