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When an employee wishes to speak out against injustice in the workplace, they may fear that taking action could cost them their livelihood or make their work environment intolerable. When your job depends on your good standing with an employer, it’s easy to feel intimidated. In Atlantic City and throughout New Jersey, state and federal laws protect workers, including those who take action against employment law violations. If you’ve become the victim of workplace retaliation for doing the right thing, the employment attorneys at Grungo Law of Atlantic City can help defend your rights, not only to fair pay for your day’s labor and a non-hostile work environment but also to speak out without fear of retaliation.
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Workplace Protections and Anti-Retaliation Laws in Atlantic City

New Jersey has many state and federal laws in place for workplace protection including mandatory minimum wage and anti-discrimination laws. When an employee takes a stand for themselves and their coworkers who experience violations of these laws, they have a right to protection from retaliation by employers. As an employee in Atlantic City, you have a right to make complaints about illegal actions an employer might take such as:

  • Avoiding paying overtime by requiring you to work off the clock or mislabeling you as a contractor
  • Failing to pay employees at least the minimum wage
  • Having discriminatory hiring, training, or advancement policies in place
  • Allowing or fostering a hostile work environment
  • Failing to address complaints of sexual harassment
  • Failing to provide accommodations for lactating mothers

When an employee takes a justified stand against violations of their rights, they must be free to do so without fear of retaliation. If your employer violated this right and took retaliatory actions against you, you deserve justice.

What is Wrongful Retaliation in the Workplace?

If an employee seeks compensation for employment law violations or files a complaint with HR, the state’s anti-retaliation provisions included in workplace protection laws offer further safeguards from retaliatory actions such as:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Attempting to force resignation by creating a hostile work environment
  • Denying opportunities for advancement or training offered to others of equal standing
  • Unlawfully demoting you from your position

When an employee works within the legal system to counteract wrongful actions in the workplace and an employer takes retaliatory measures against them, the employer opens themselves up for further action, including a lawsuit.

Why Choose Us for Your Workplace Retaliation Lawsuit in Atlantic City?

At Grungo Law in Atlantic City, we passionately defend New Jersey employees from powerful employers who violate their rights or create a hostile work environment. Every worker deserves fair and respectful treatment and must be allowed to defend themselves against violations of their rights without fear of retaliation. When your livelihood is at stake, you need the employment law attorneys at Grungo Law to speak out vehemently on your behalf and defend your rights in court if required. If your employer retaliated against your lawful actions, you deserve monetary compensation.
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