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Companies that make consumer products have a responsibility under the law to produce safe items. This high standard applies to all medications. Although we recognize that taking a medicine could come with harsh side effects, patients can make informed decisions when drug manufacturers transparently disclose any inherent risk. Corporations are required to warn consumers of known side effects by law.

Even with these protections, injuries due to dangerous drugs still occur. If you were hurt by a defective and hazardous treatment, you may be able to work with a dedicated injury attorney and collect compensation for your losses. A Mount Laurel Township dangerous drugs lawyer could help you prove these complex concepts and take the lead in demanding the compensation that you deserve.

When is a Drug Unsafe for Consumers?

Taking any drug comes with potential risks. Even over-the-counter medications can profoundly impact a person’s health, and prescription medications are so powerful that they require a doctor’s permission to take them. Because of these inherent risks, patients must have as much information as possible about a substance before taking it. At the same time, pharmaceutical corporations are obligated to produce a safe medication that functions as intended.

It is important to recognize that being injured by a treatment does not immediately justify a claim for compensation. Instead, plaintiff’s must show that a drugmaker violated their duty under the law.

The Product Liability Act in Mount Laurel Township

New Jersey Revised Statute § 2A:58C-2 states that a person seeking compensation for hazardous drug injuries must prove that:

  1. The final version of the product deviated from the maker’s design, often due to a manufacturing error
  2. The maker did not provide proper warnings about hazards or instructions for safe use, or
  3. The design of the drug resulted in an inherently dangerous product

A dangerous drugs attorney in Mount Laurel Township could help choose the path that offers the best chance of success.

Seeking Fair Payments following Drug Injuries

Suffering an adverse reaction after taking a dangerous drug can have many consequences for patients. For many, these substances cause new injuries or make a current condition worse. A demand for compensation will center around the additional medical care a person needs to treat these conditions.

Other injuries affect a claimant’s life outside of the doctor’s office. For instance, being hurt by a defective medicine could force someone to miss time at work of or leave a plaintiff with severe emotional trauma. A hazardous drugs lawyer in Mount Laurel Township could evaluate how these losses have changed a person’s life and demand that negligent drugmakers offer adequate monetary damages.

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The makers of medications have a duty to produce safe products. This involves implementing a safe design, keeping a close watch on the manufacturing process, and providing instructions for proper use. Sadly, when the makers of drugs fail in this duty, they can cause life-altering injuries.

A Mount Laurel Township dangerous drugs lawyer wants to help you hold negligent drugmakers accountable for their actions. Contact our team now to schedule a consultation.