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Every person traveling on Mount Laurel’s roads deserves equal protection under the law. This means that regardless of one’s chosen mode of transportation, all drivers must be sure to treat them with respect and protect their well-being. Sadly, cars to not always give motorcyclists the protections they deserve.

This lack of protection can result in life-altering injuries for motorcycle riders. Crashes can result in serious physical injuries, debilitating emotional traumas, and significant loss of income. If you have suffered these losses because of another person’s negligent driving, you could call an injury attorney and pursue compensation to set things right. A Mount Laurel Township motorcycle accident lawyer is ready to prove another’s responsibility for a crash and seek the payments that you deserve.

When is Another Driver to Blame for an Accident?

Every incident in Mount Laurel Township that results in an injury on the road is someone’s fault. However, the law never presumes responsibility for these incidents. The burden lies on injured people to prove that a defendant’s actions caused the event. A motorcycle collision attorney in Mount Laurel Township works to prove these concepts during talks with insurance companies and in court.

In many cases, a police report that indicates another driver received a ticket is powerful evidence. In fact, a traffic court conviction is direct evidence of defendant fault for a collision.

Other cases require a more nuanced examination of the facts. In many instances, a motorcycle rider will even need to defend their own behavior. For instance, New Jersey Revised Statute § 2A:15-5.1 says that when evaluating an accident, a court must examine the actions of all involved parties and assign blame accordingly. If the court apportions some blame to a biker, that biker’s award at trial will decrease by this percentage of blame. Therefore, it is just as vital to justify one’s own decisions as it is to obtain evidence of defendant fault for a motorbike crash.

Possible Sources of Compensation Following a Motorcycle Collision

Any personal injury case aims to obtain the compensation a victim needs to get their life back on track. There is no set amount of compensation that will achieve this goal. Instead, it is crucial to examine each accident on a case-by-case basis, and our team is ready to do just that.

All cases will center around the physical injuries that result from the accident. In motorcycle crash cases, these often include:

  • Concussions
  • Road rash
  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints
  • Spinal cord damage

However, most crashes will affect more than just a biker’s physical health. Claims almost always involve a component of pain that reduces a person’s overall quality of life. For instance, a motorcycle crash may also result in emotional traumas such as PTSD. When a wreck causes injuries that keep a person out of work, a defendant must provide reimbursement for lost earnings. A motorcycle crash lawyer in Mount Laurel Township is ready to place an accurate value on a case and demand full payments from defendant drivers and their insurance companies.

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Crashes between motorcycles and other motor vehicles can have devastating consequences for bikers. These incidents tend to result in severe physical injuries that impact your quality of life and ability to earn a living. While there is no doubt that a driver who causes these crashes must provide compensation for your losses, it is your responsibility to prove fault and the extent of your damages.

A Mount Laurel Township motorcycle accident lawyer is ready to take the lead in your case. Our team could pursue the compensation that you need and give you the freedom to recover fully. Reach out now to talk about your options.