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All landowners have a legal duty to protect visitors that enter their property. This includes a duty to protect them from temporary hazards such as slippery floors as well as a duty to repair any structural defects that could cause an injury.

This duty is at the center of the legal concept of premises liability. Any failure to uphold this duty could form the core of a personal injury lawsuit. A Trenton premises liability lawyer could help you determine whether a landowner’s failed to uphold their duty. Our detail-oriented injury attorneys could be the answer you were looking for. En Español.

Three Types of Visitors to a Premises According to State Law

While property owners have a duty to protect any person who visits their land, the extent of this protection depends on the visitor’s motivation for visiting and whether the owner allowed them onto the land. New Jersey law creates three classes of visitors who each have their own levels of protection.

How do Trenton Courts Define Invitees in Premises Liability Cases?

Invitees are people who enter land with the owner’s permission for a business purpose, such as a person visiting a store. Landowners must take every reasonable step to protect invitees, which includes proactively patrolling their land for problems.

What Level of Protection Are Licensees Entitled to from Trenton Property Owners?

Much like invitees, licensees are people who enter land with the owner’s permission. However, this entry is for a non-business purpose, such as to attend a party. Property owners must protect licensees from known harms. This does not include a duty to know about all possible hazards.

Do Landowners in Trenton Owe a Duty of Care to Trespassers?

Almost no protection is given to anyone who enters a person’s property without permission. Landowners here must only refrain from causing intentional harm to those illegally on their land.

Examples of Premises Liability in Trenton

A premises liability injury includes any injury that results from a condition of the land. Perhaps the clearest example is a slip and fall on a spill. However, premises liability cases can also include structural defects that affect the safety of the land. Broken steps, open pits, or black ice in parking lots can cause severe injuries. Landowners should take steps to fix these hazards or at least warn visitors of the condition.

Finally, property owners may even be responsible for the actions of others. Many locations such as gas stations, restaurants, and apartment complexes should provide adequate security to prevent crime on the property. If an assault or robbery on the premises results in an injury, the landowner may share responsibility if a broken lock, inadequate lighting, or poorly trained security emboldened the attacker. A local premises liability lawyer could help you investigate the incident to prove that a property owner’s negligence caused your injuries.

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The aftermath of a property accident could leave you scared and confused. You may need to seek emergency medical treatment for injuries that could leave you in pain and unable to work for weeks or months afterwards. When this happens, you may have the right to demand compensation for responsible parties.

Still, a premises liability case can be deceptively complicated. These cases examine not just the events that led to the incident, but also your status as a visitor to the land. Many cases fail if plaintiffs do not understand their rights.

A Trenton premises liability lawyer on our team could help you stand up for your rights. We can work tirelessly to help create the strongest claim possible based on your unique case. Call us today to get started.