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Anyone injured by a dog bite knows how painful and debilitating such an attack can be. If you or a loved one were attacked by a dog, contact an experienced Washington Township dog bite lawyer to begin working toward the compensation you need for your injuries. A personal injury attorney from our firm could work on your behalf to help you identify all your compensable damages and pursue at-fault parties for appropriate restitution. En Español.

Is the Owner Always Liable for a Dog Bite?

New Jersey Revised Statutes §4:19-16 states that an owner is liable for an injury caused by his or her animal even if it does not have a prior history of aggression. The owner is also liable regardless of whether he or she is unaware of the dog’s history.

There are some limits to a dog owner’s liability. Someone who is injured by a dog bite must be legally on the dog owner’s property or in a public space, and they cannot do anything to provoke an attack from the animal. If those two elements are not met, the injured person may not be eligible to collect compensation for their damages from the dog owner.

Important Steps to Take after a Canine Attack

In the event of a dog bite, it is important to take several steps following the incident. You should first alert the owner of the dog and seek immediate medical attention for any injuries you have received.

If you or a family member are able to do so, the next step is to document the scene of the attack to preserve evidence. After an attack, you may benefit from:

  • Recording the names of witnesses
  • Contacting Washington Township/Gloucester County animal control
  • Taking pictures of the area
  • Taking pictures of the wounds they have received
  • Saving all records of interactions with police
  • Saving all medical records

Individuals are recommended to contact a dog bite attorney in Washington Township to start reviewing any potential civil case. If the aforementioned steps have been taken, your lawyer may be able to get a jump start on building a viable claim for court.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Dog Bite Cases in Washington Township?

The statute of limitations defines how long a person has to file a civil claim in court. Failing to file a claim before this deadline could result in the claim becoming invalid and the injured person losing his or her right to compensation.

In New Jersey, dog bite injuries — and most personal injury claims — fall under a two-year statute of limitations. This means that you must file your claim in court within two years of the initial dog bite. There are exceptions to this rule if a minor is involved. The statute of limitations would be two years from the minor’s 18th birthday. For help with filling out complicated legal paperwork and ensuring that everything is done by the book, it is best to contact a skilled attorney with experience handling dog bite cases.

Build Your Case with a Washington Township Dog Bite Attorney

Dog owners in New Jersey are strictly liable for the actions of their dogs. Barring trespassing or provocation on your part, he or she may owe you compensation if you were attacked and injured by his or her dog or by other domesticated animals.

If you are injured in a dog bite, you may be suffering from damages like medical bills, lost wages, the replacement of property like clothing or jewelry, or psychological trauma from your suffering. Call a Washington Township dog bite lawyer from our firm today to get started on your case.