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It is reasonable to expect that a landowner will keep their property well maintained and safe for us when we visit. However, many commercial and private landowners fail in this duty. When property owners fail to uphold this duty, they may allow for conditions that can result in slip and falls.

However, just because a slip happens on another’s land does not mean that the landowner is automatically at fault. This is because the New Jersey laws concerning the obligations of landowners are complex.

A skilled personal injury attorney could work to protect your rights. A Washington Township slip and fall lawyer understands the obligations of landowners in New Jersey and how their actions or inaction can endanger visitors. If this negligence caused your injuries, let a member of our team help you claim compensation for your injuries.

How a Slip and Fall Could Happen

All visitors should take caution whenever they are visiting another’s property. The law requires everyone to take appropriate steps to protect their own well being. Still, there are many scenarios where a landowner’s failure to maintain their land or warn a visitor of a hazard could lead to an unavoidable slip and fall.

Most slips and falls result from a temporary hazard. These are conditions that may not be obvious to a visitor, and as a result, landowners should warn their visitors when they know of them. Additionally, they should work to fix the hazard as soon as possible to avoid any injuries. Slip and falls can cause severe injuries. Even a fall to the ground may cause a person to hit their head which can result in a traumatic brain injury. Other common injuries following a slip and fall include:

  • Sprained ligaments
  • Separated joints
  • Broken bones
  • Severe bruising

A negligent landowner is responsible to compensate an injured person for all their losses resulting from a trip and spill incident. However, proving negligence in a slip and fall case can be surprisingly complex.

When is a Landowner is At-Fault in Washington Township?

While all landowners have a duty to protect their visitors from slips and falls, the level of protection required varies depending upon the visitor’s reasons for being on the land. New Jersey law recognizes three classes of visitors, each with their own definitions and rights. A Washington Township slip and fall lawyer can help you understand what class you fall into and what it means for your claim.

What Protections Are Owed to Trespassers, Licensees, and Invitees?

The least protected class of visitor is a trespasser. This is any person who enters private property without the owner’s permission or one who remains on the land after an invitation expires. Landowners must only refrain from intentionally or wantonly injuring a trespasser.

A medium level of protection is given to licensees. These are people who enter private property with the owner’s permission for a non-business purpose. A visitor at a house party is a licensee. Landowners must warn these visitors of the known hazards on the property but are not legally required to regularly inspect the land for defects.

The most protection is provided to people who visit land for a business purpose. This includes shoppers in a mall or patrons at a movie theatre. Known as invitees, landowners must take all possible steps to protect these people from suffering a slip and fall, including patrolling their land for temporary hazards that could cause someone to trip.

A Washington Township Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help Your Case

Slip and falls can result in serious injuries. Even if you make a full recovery, you may have thousands of dollars of medical bills and miss significant time at work. This has the potential to throw your life into chaos.

Pursuing a lawsuit for damages sustained in a slip and fall accident may provide some financial stability. A Washington Township slip and fall lawyer could take the lead in pursuing these claims. We can help you get the compensation you need to be able to move forward. Call us today to get started.

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