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Egg Harbor Car Accident

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When we step into a vehicle we rarely think twice about the possibility of never arriving at our destination, yet traffic accident deaths on roadways in New Jersey in 2022 reached a 15-year high, including car accidents in Egg Harbor. No one can be adequately prepared for a car crash, but when medical bills are piling up and you’re unable to work because you’re struggling through painful medical treatments, it can become overwhelming, leaving you unsure where to turn. Sadly, turning to an insurance company isn’t as helpful as they lead you to believe when they’re collecting your premiums. An insurance adjuster’s job is to find reasons to deny or undervalue your legitimate claims in a no-fault insurance company state like New Jersey.
If you’ve experienced a car accident in Egg Harbor or elsewhere in New Jersey, you need a powerful voice to advocate aggressively for your rights through every step of the claims process to ensure you gain full compensation for your damages—especially when someone else’s negligence or recklessness caused your car accident.

Common Insurance Company Tactics to Devalue a Car Accident Claim in New Jersey

While you try to focus on your physical recovery, your insurance company may remain focused on undervaluing your claim to avoid the substantial payout you deserve. In New Jersey, your insurance may or may not allow liability claims against at-fault drivers and could include policies to grant access to compensation for pain and suffering. Unfortunately, insurance representatives use recognizable tactics to deny or lowball claims including:

  • Calling just days after an accident to offer a low settlement when you don’t yet know the extent of your financial damages
  • Recording “friendly” phone conversations and then using your statements out of context against you
  • Refuting the treatment your doctor recommended
  • Gaining medical authorization ostensibly to review your injury report and then examining your records to blame your pain on pre-existing conditions

Don’t go it alone against powerful insurance companies. Instead, call the Egg Harbor car accident attorneys at Grungo Law to represent your best interests and direct all communications to your lawyer.

Dealing With New Jersey’s No-Fault Insurance Laws in Egg Harbor

New Jersey’s no-fault insurance laws require drivers to file accident claims against their own insurance policies. Depending on the policy terms you chose, your policy might allow for lawsuits against an at-fault driver with unlimited compensation for pain and suffering and other intangible damages as well as economic damages. In many cases, it takes a diligent car accident lawyer to pursue this type of compensation.

Damages That May be Available After an Egg Harbor Car Crash

When a car accident has lasting consequences on your health and ability to earn a living, you deserve a successful car accident claim with a payout that relieves financial burdens while you heal. When a skilled car accident attorney from Grungo Law pursues your claim, you could recover the following damages:

  • Medical costs for your injury
  • Any future medical costs for upcoming surgeries, treatments, and post-op care
  • Lost wages during your healing and recovery period
  • Diminished earning capacity, either temporary or permanent
  • Pain and suffering

A monetary payout may not be able to erase an accident or your pain, but it can open doors to better medical care and help you to pay the bills while you recover.

Why Choose the Egg Harbor Office of Grungo Law for a Car Accident Claim?

At Grungo Law, we understand the lasting impacts of a car crash on your physical and financial well-being. We have years of experience successfully navigating all aspects of New Jersey’s complex insurance laws to maximize payouts for our clients. Let us find the best way forward for your car accident claim. Call our Egg Harbor office today for a free evaluation. We don’t get paid unless you receive the payout you deserve.