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In the state of New Jersey, property owners have a duty to keep their properties safe. If they do not fulfill this duty and hazardous conditions on their property cause injury to a visitor, they can be held liable for damages sustained by the injured party.

If you suffer injury on someone else’s property, and you believe that the owner of that property acted negligently—or not at all—in response to a hazard they knew or should have known about, the legal experience and guidance of a professional injury attorney could be integral to proper recovery. Speak with a Mercer County premises liability lawyer today to get started on your case right away.

Examples of Premises Liability Claims

Premises liability claims can be brought against anyone who owns or manages property, from a home or business owner to the manager of a retail store. When property owners and managers fail to take reasonable efforts to ensure that visitors to their property are safe from hazardous conditions, they may be held responsible for paying various forms of damages.

Premises liability claims and the injuries that form their base can stem from a wide variety of scenarios, many of which a seasoned Mercer County premises liability lawyer may have seen before. These may include any or multiple of the following:

  • Construction site accidents, sometimes caused by improperly marked work areas or improperly maintained construction equipment
  • Slips and falls, usually from spills, improperly maintained sidewalks, improper or insufficient lighting, or faulty hand-railings
  • Dog bite injuries, in light of an owner’s failure to properly secure or contain a pet who is previously known to be dangerous or hostile
  • Assault-related injuries, perhaps from over-served and intoxicated patrons at a bar or other place of business
  • Pedestrian or bicyclist injuries that occur while on public or private property
  • Lead paint poisoning, or mold-related injuries or afflictions
  • Fire or explosion-related injuries, which can occur at a worksite or another place of business
  • Swimming pool injuries, which can occur either in a public or in a privately-owned pool

Establishing Negligence

In order to successfully file and recover for a premises liability claim, an afflicted party must prove evidence of negligence by a property owner, in the form of a dangerous or hazardous condition on the property that directly caused the afflicted party’s injury, and the injuries lead to quantifiable damages, such as medical bills, lost wages from being unable to work during recovery, and pain and trauma suffered after the injury.

Beyond proving negligence and damages, it is also important to remember that New Jersey is a comparative negligence state. This means that a property owner and their attorney may attempt to prove that the injured party was negligent as well, in an effort to limit the damages that the owner is responsible for paying. You should contact a Mercer County premises liability lawyer to best prepare for a comparative negligence defense.

How a Mercer County Premises Liability Attorney Can Help

You may be entitled to recovery on a premises liability claim if you, or someone close to you, suffered injury related to a property owner’s negligence. In such a case, the legal insight and experience of a Mercer County premises liability lawyer could work—and pursue compensation—on your behalf. To start exploring your potential for legal and financial recovery, give a compassionate liability attorney a call and schedule an initial consultation today.