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Mercer County Truck Accident Lawyer

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Anyone who has driven past a transport truck on the highway or city roads can tell at a glance how much bigger and heavier they are than passenger vehicles. In fact, trucks weigh approximately 20 times more than the average vehicle and take much longer to slow and come to a full stop.

It is for this reason that when an accident occurs between a truck and another vehicle, it is often the driver and passengers in the other vehicle who sustain the worst injuries. In the most severe cases, these accidents can be fatal.

It is crucial that anyone hurt in a truck accident, or who lost a family member in one, speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A Mercer County truck accident lawyer could provide you with valuable information regarding filing an injury claim.

What Laws Must Truck Drivers Follow in Mercer County?

Truck drivers in Mercer County must follow the many rules set by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. These guidelines include safe driving techniques such as how long a truck driver may be behind the wheel and following speed limits. They also require that certain information, such as phone numbers, are visible to other drivers and that trucks are regularly inspected to verify they are safe to be on the road.

When truckers and truck companies do not follow these guidelines properly, it can make the truck extremely dangerous for those who share the road with them. If a Mercer County truck accident lawyer can prove the truck company or truck driver did not follow these guidelines, it may also prove that one or both parties were negligent.

How Do Truck Accident Victims Prove Liability?

Negligence on the part of the truck driver is the leading cause of all truck crashes in Mercer County, but other parties may be to blame as well.

The truck company may be found responsible if they did not perform due diligence when hiring new employees. Failing to perform a background check or hiring drivers with a history of traffic violations may all indicate negligence on the part of the truck company. If the truck company did not provide proper training to the truck driver, that could indicate their liability for any accident that occurs because of that improper training.

The manufacturer of the truck may also be liable in certain instances. This can occur when the manufacturer failed to inspect the truck to ensure it was safe, or when they did not properly build the truck to adhere to safety standards. Speak with a Mercer County truck accident lawyer to learn more.

Contact a Mercer County Truck Accident Attorney for Help

When a truck accident occurs, it leaves the driver in the smaller vehicle and their passengers at a great disadvantage. They will likely sustain far worse injuries than the truck driver due to the size disparity between a truck and smaller vehicles.

Drivers only have their own car insurance policy and that is often not enough to cover the extent of damage and injuries they sustain. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be a very effective way of claiming this compensation, but it should not be done alone. Truck drivers and trucking companies will have a team of lawyers on their side ready to fight for them. And drivers of smaller vehicles should as well.

If you suffered an injury in a commercial vehicle crash, or if you have lost a loved one, contact a Mercer County truck accident lawyer today. There may be compensation available, and a qualified attorney can help you get it.