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Mercer County Paralysis Injury Lawyer 

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An accident resulting in paralysis will alter someone’s life forever. The emotional, physical, and financial burdens for the victim and their family can be overwhelming. When someone else’s negligence causes paralysis, you have the right to seek monetary damages with help from a skilled catastrophic injury attorney.

If you or someone you love has suffered this type of trauma, a Mercer County paralysis injury lawyer could fight for your right to compensation and maximum recovery.

Types of Paralysis

Paralysis is caused by damage to a person’s spinal cord through a traumatic force, tumor, or lack of blood flow. Once damaged, the spinal cord generally cannot repair itself. As such, when a person loses certain functions, they might not regain them back even with rehabilitation.

Paralysis injuries are classified according to how much the person can control their bodily functions and limbs. When a person retains some motor or sensory function, the injury is called incomplete. On the other hand, complete spinal cord injuries typically involve losing all feeling and control over the bodily area below the injury.

Paraplegia refers to the loss of functioning below the waist and is often accompanied by severe nerve damage in the injured area. People with paraplegia may require spinal cord surgery, physical therapy, and lifelong care. Fortunately, with proper assistance, some people with paraplegia can regain a level of independence.

A person is classified as having quadriplegia if they cannot use their limbs or control bodily functions below their neck. Quadriplegics may need assistance with breathing and with most activities of daily living. These life-altering consequences make it essential for a person to have aggressive legal representation from a Mercer County paralysis injury attorney.

Negligence Leading to Paralyzing Injuries

Paralysis injuries are devastating under any circumstances. Some of the causes of paralyzing injuries that Mercer County lawyers often see include:

After any of these unfortunate occurrences, the paralyzed person may need extensive medical treatment, ongoing therapy, and assistive devices. They may also have to change careers or stop working entirely. A paralysis injury attorney in Mercer County could help hold the responsible parties accountable by filing a civil lawsuit.

What Damages Can a Paralyzed Person Recover?

A person who lost mobility or sensation in an accident is eligible to receive compensation for their economic damages. These damages typically include reimbursement for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and modifications to their home and vehicle.

In civil cases involving loss of limbs and functioning, the injuries are rarely limited to physical harm. Paraplegics and quadriplegics often suffer severe psychological and emotional damage as they adjust to life without the full use of their body. Non-economic damages may therefore be awarded to compensate the injured person for intangible losses like diminished sexual functioning, loss of enjoyment of life, and ongoing emotional pain.

Money will never bring back the life that a person had before becoming paralyzed. However, it can provide the necessary resources to make the best of their recovery.

Work with a Mercer County Paralysis Injury Attorney

A paralysis injury can have lasting repercussions, affecting not only your day-to-day life, but your plans for the future as well. A compassionate Mercer County paralysis injury lawyer believes you need a legal team that could fight for you.

If you have been paralyzed, you may need ongoing medical treatment, reliable caregivers, and assistance adapting to your new lifestyle. Call today to speak with a skilled team member about how we could help you and your family with your legal claim.