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Motorcycles offer a convenient way to move quickly through city traffic and make for exhilarating riding on the weekends. However, without the protection of a metal frame around them, motorcyclists are vulnerable to severe injuries.

A Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer represents people who suffered injuries in crashes and helps them collect damages for their losses. With a personal injury attorney’s help, you could receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Motorcycle Crashes Produce Devastating Injuries

Motorcycle riders have no protection except for their clothing, and even riders who always wear helmets and full gear are at risk. If a motorcycle and car collide at speed, the biker will almost certainly experience severe harm.

Road rash is a pattern of deep abrasions and friction burns from the skin forcefully sliding across the road surface. Lower leg sprains, fractures, and traumatic amputations often result from motorcycle crashes. When a collision propels a rider off their bike, the instinct is to shield the face with the arms. Doing so could lead to fractures of the arm and wrist bones and nerve damage in the arms and hands.

The most significant injuries involve the head, neck, and back. Skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries are common when riders do not wear helmets and are often fatal. A rider wearing a helmet also might experience these injuries but is less likely to die. Whiplash and cerebral vertebra fractures could happen in a motorcycle incident. Damage to the muscles of the back and spinal cord injuries also frequently result from motorcycle collisions. A lawyer in Philadelphia understands the possible harm after a motorcycle crash and could accurately evaluate the compensation needed to recover fully.

Local Motorcycle Laws

The state has issued several laws governing motorcycle riding. Anyone riding a motorcycle must have a Class M license. Anyone 16 years or older could apply for a motorcycle learner’s permit. After six months and at least 65 hours of riding under supervision, they could pass a road test and obtain a Class M license.

Driving a motorcycle along the white line between two lanes of traffic, sometimes called lane splitting, is illegal in the Commonwealth. Riders may ride two abreast in a single traffic lane, but a motorcycle may not share a lane with a car or other vehicle. In addition, riders should follow basic safety precautions like obeying the speed limit, keeping appropriate space between themselves and other vehicles, not riding in dangerous weather conditions, and making themselves as visible as possible.

Pennsylvania Statutes §3525 governs protective equipment for bikers. All motorcyclists under 21 or with a Class M license for less than two years must wear a helmet. All bikers must wear protective eyewear. Although the law only requires helmets for young or inexperienced riders, a motorcycle wreck attorney in Philadelphia recommends that all bikers wear helmets every time they ride. If a helmetless rider suffers head injuries, an at-fault driver could argue the harm resulted from a biker’s failure to wear a helmet.

Comparative Fault Could Reduce a Biker’s Damages

If a motorcyclist sustains injuries in a crash and seeks damages, their compliance with the regulations will be an issue. A biker who was violating a law will likely be partially at-fault in an accident.

The state follows the comparative fault standard, meaning an individual whose carelessness contributed to their injury cannot collect 100 percent of their damages. They may collect only the portion attributable to other parties’ negligent conduct. If an injured person is primarily responsible for an accident, they cannot collect any damages.

Insurance companies for at-fault drivers might argue that motorcycle riding is inherently risky, so the biker is responsible for their injuries. When a rider complied with the law and took reasonable precautions like wearing a helmet, a motorcycle collision lawyer in Philadelphia could argue that the biker was being appropriately cautious, and the injuries resulted primarily from the driver’s negligence.

Pursue Damages with a Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Your road to recovery might be long if you are trying to regain your health after a motorcycle crash. It could be easier to manage if you allow a legal professional to handle securing compensation while you focus on healing.

A Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer has obtained reimbursement for many bikers in the same position as you. They could help you with a suit. Call our team today to schedule a case review.