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Involvement in a vehicle collision is a terrible experience. You might never fully recover from the harm you suffer in a car crash. Even if your physical injuries heal completely, the emotional trauma could haunt you for years.

The state has a unique system for handling car wreck claims, and it could be challenging to secure all the damages you deserve without a seasoned personal injury attorney. A Philadelphia car accident lawyer could help you navigate the system and turn over every stone to secure a settlement that appropriately compensates your losses.

Steps to Take Immediately After a Crash

The insurance companies that pay most vehicle collision claims are for-profit businesses and do not pay out any more than they must. An injured person could increase their chances of receiving an appropriate payment by following certain procedures after a car wreck.

Call the Police

Informing the police is necessary if an accident caused an injury, significant property damage, or is holding up traffic and presenting a danger to others. Even if a crash is minor and the involved vehicles are drivable, a police report could provide valuable evidence in a claim for damages.

Limit Conversation

Many people apologize for situations that they did not cause. Although it might come naturally, it is crucial for people involved in a vehicle accident not to apologize, explain, or even speculate about what happened. Exchange insurance information with other drivers and get contact information for witnesses, if possible, but avoid any other conversations.

Take Pictures

Pictures of the scene and damage could be helpful evidence. A person should take pictures as long as they can safely and without impeding traffic or emergency personnel.

Seek Medical Care Immediately

A medical evaluation is necessary immediately after the collision, even if an accident victim is not experiencing symptoms. Adrenalin can mask pain, and some car crash injuries do not produce symptoms until hours or days after the incident. Prompt medical attention is important to protect an individual’s health.

In addition, delay allows an at-fault driver’s insurer to assert a person sustained their injury somewhere else or does not have an injury at all. When a physician generates a medical record soon after an accident, it supports a victim’s claim. A medical record is critical evidence in proving a claim for damages.

Seek Legal Advice

Whether an injured person is a driver or passenger, it is vital to retain a vehicle wreck attorney in Philadelphia right away. Insurance companies use whatever means necessary to avoid paying legitimate claims, and an individual without professional counsel might not get a fair settlement for their injuries.

Claiming for Injuries After a Car Collision in Philadelphia

If someone owns a registered vehicle, they must have liability coverage. Pennsylvania Statute §1711 requires insurance policies to include at least $5,000 in medical coverage (PIP). If a car crash harms a person with PIP, they must submit a claim to their insurance, even if they were a passenger or pedestrian when they sustained the injuries.

If a person does not have PIP coverage or their expenses exceed their policy limits, they can submit a claim to the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. The at-fault driver’s insurance will pay any injured person’s medical expenses and lost wages up to the policy limits. If the costs exceed the policy limits, an individual must file a lawsuit against an at-fault driver and hold them personally liable for their losses.

If an injured person has full tort insurance, they could sue the at-fault driver and other responsible parties for their pain and suffering in addition to economic damages. If a person has limited tort insurance, they may not claim pain and suffering unless an exception applies. A lawyer in Philadelphia could evaluate the driver’s circumstances to find an exception that might apply in their car collision case.

Seek a Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney to Claim Damages

Whether a car crash produces devastating, life-long injuries or only a few days of aches, pain, and inconveniences, you deserve compensation. Working with a legal professional after your accident could ensure you receive the reimbursement you need to recover. A Philadelphia car accident lawyer has the skills and experience necessary to provide effective representation. Call today to schedule a case review with our team.