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Suffering any injury is difficult enough. Unfortunately, when a medical professional inflicts harm, the effects could be catastrophic. Healthcare workers should inspire confidence, making these situations even more emotionally draining. Any failure by these professionals to provide competent care can be an example of medical malpractice. Of course, medical misconduct lawsuits could focus on the actions of doctors. However, other providers, such as nurses and hospitals, may also be responsible.

A Hamilton Square medical malpractice lawyer could help people evaluate the care they have received and attribute their worsening condition to misconduct. They then work to meet the state’s high standard for a successful medical malpractice claim by working with established experts who may testify on your behalf. A personal injury attorney is ready to support you through a lawsuit.

The Medical Standard of Care in Hamilton Square

All medical professionals have a legal and professional duty to provide competent care to their patients. Ultimately, the question of whether negligence occurred revolves around the issue of the quality of care provided by the doctor, nurse, or hospital. It is essential to understand what this standard is to evaluate the actions of healthcare workers properly.

According to state law, all medical professionals must perform their job with the skill and diligence expected from a reasonably prudent practitioner in the field of practice or specialty. In simpler terms, a medical professional must act as a comparable practitioner would under similar circumstances.

Determining if the care provided amounted to malpractice must consider every portion of the event. Common questions asked in this analysis include:

  • How routine was the procedure?
  • Did the doctor have the necessary technology or equipment to perform the task?
  • Was the practitioner up to speed on all recent advances in medical science?

A knowledgeable attorney in Hamilton Square could help patients evaluate the care they received to determine if it fell to the level of medical malpractice.

Prominent Examples of Medical Malpractice

Medical misconduct can occur any time a patient visits a medical professional. A general practitioner performing a routine physical exam is just as liable to commit malpractice as a specialized surgeon. Something as simple as inserting a needle to take blood or the filling of a cavity can cause serious injuries if performed incorrectly. Common examples of negligence that can have a severe effect on a person’s health include:

  • Failing to set a broken bone correctly
  • Prescribing an improper medication in either identity or quantity
  • Failing to diagnose a disease or illness
  • Improper application of anesthesia

Regardless of how minor or major an instance of malpractice may be, an injured individual has the right to demand compensation. This can take the form of reimbursement for any additional medical bills and payments for economic damages and pain and suffering.

All plaintiffs should be aware of the state’s statute of limitations. This rule controls when a person can ask a court to hear a case. Under New Jersey Revised Statute § 2A:14-2, injured people generally have two years from discovering the malpractice to file a claim. This may seem like a long time, but misconduct cases are typically complicated. Reach out to a medical malpractice lawyer in Hamilton Square quickly to give yourself the best chance of success.

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Medical malpractice could cause some of the most severe injuries you could experience. Instances of misconduct can happen during any interaction with a medical professional. If a doctor, nurse, or hospital made an error that exacerbated an existing condition or caused a new ailment, you could file a claim for medical negligence.

A Hamilton Square medical malpractice lawyer could lead the way in pursuing these claims. A legal team could gather evidence of the error, work with experts who may testify on your behalf, and hold negligent medical providers responsible for their actions. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation.

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