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Among the most dangerous situations that can occur on Hamilton Square area roads are events involving commercial trucks. Tractor trailers, construction vehicles, and delivery trucks are always much larger than personal vehicles. They deliver more force upon impact, and their size makes it difficult for them to stop in an emergency and creates massive blind spots.

If a trucker’s negligence was the reason for a crash, you have the right to seek appropriate compensation for your losses. This includes the payment of medical bills, compensation for lost quality of life, and reimbursement for missing wages. Still, it is impossible to collect these payments unless you can show that a trucker was to blame for a crash. A Hamilton Square truck accident lawyer is ready to take the lead and protect your legal rights after a collision. A personal injury attorney could support your compensation claim.

 Proving a Trucker Was at Fault for a Crash

All collisions involving motor vehicles are someone’s fault. People who suffered injuries in these incidents need to show another driver was to blame if they want to collect compensation for their losses. The most common way to accomplish this is to show that a trucker was negligent.

Truckers can be careless in many ways. The most direct way to prove this concept is to show a trucker violated a law in the moments leading up to the wreck. Examples include:

  • Speed limit violations
  • Failure to yield
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Texting while driving

In addition to these common laws that impact all travelers, federal regulations also place time limits on how long a trucker may be on the road during any specific day or week. A trucker who violates these limits is just as negligent as one who fails to stop at a stop sign. An attorney in Hamilton Square is ready to obtain the evidence needed to show that a trucker was to blame for a collision.

Available Compensation for Truck Wreck Victims

Proving fault for a truck accident is always a crucial part of any case. However, it is just as important to show how an event has impacted a victim’s life. The payments a person may receive in these cases depend on how they are able to connect their past, present, and future experiences to the collision.

Cases will always focus on physical injuries and the medical care needed to treat them. Broken bones, burns, and traumatic brain injuries are typical injuries after commercial vehicle collisions. In addition, cases should demand compensation for a victim’s lost quality of life. This can include emotional traumas and missing time with loved ones.

Finally, a case should examine the economic impact of the crash. This often involves lost income from time spent off the job making a recovery or payments for estimated future lost income. A truck crash lawyer in Hamilton Square could place an accurate value on a case and demand appropriate payments.

Is There a Time Limit to Pursue a Case?

A time limit applies to all injury cases arising from accidents. According to New Jersey Revised Statute § 2A:14-2, this time limit is generally as short as two years. However, many factors may extend or shorten this presumptive time limit. Reach out to a legal representative today to help satisfy this requirement.

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Truck accidents can have a devastating effect on every part of your life. Not only can they result in debilitating physical injuries, but they could also affect your ability to support your family and enjoy your favorite hobbies. Each of these impacts is a factor that may lead to substantial compensation for your losses. However, these payments are only possible if you show that a trucker was to blame for a crash.

A Hamilton Square truck accident lawyer could help you pursue your case. From day one, they are ready to explain the law, gather crucial evidence, and protect your legal rights in and out of court. Speak with our team now to learn more about your legal options.