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State law clearly places a duty on property owners to protect invited guests on their land. When a landowner welcomes a guest onto their property, they must take reasonable steps to protect their wellbeing. Sadly, property owners often fail in this duty. The most common example of these failures is those that result in slips and falls. These events can result in severe physical injuries, harsh emotional trauma, and even lost income. Property owners who allow these falls to occur are liable for compensating for all resulting losses.

A Hamilton Square slip and fall lawyer could help you pursue a claim. This includes demanding proper payments from insurance companies and presenting arguments in court. A personal injury attorney is prepared to fight back against allegations of shared blame that may limit a demand for compensation.

Property Owner Obligation to Protect Guests on their Land

Owning property in this state comes with a responsibility. This involves the duty to protect invited guests against foreseeable harm that may come from entering that land.

The exact measures a landowner must take vary based on the visitor’s reasons for being on the property. While trespassers enjoy protection against intentional harm on the part of landowners, invited guests can expect protection against accidental injuries. As a result, property owners might be liable for harm to invited guests that result from the following:

  • Liquid spills on walkways
  • A failure to clear accumulated rainwater
  • Slick surfaces due to freshly waxed floors
  • Loose carpeting or tile
  • Broken handrails on stairs

The core of a slip and fall claim will be whether a landowner took proper steps to prevent these incidents. At the same time, landowners may argue that a victim does not deserve compensation because they did not act to protect themselves.

A concept under the law called modified comparative negligence per New Jersey Revised Statute § 2A:15-5.1 states that people who carry more than half the blame for a fall cannot collect any compensation from a landowner. An attorney in Hamilton Square could work to fully investigate the slip and fall while gathering the evidence needed to show a landowner’s negligence caused an injury.

Potential Forms of Compensation After a Fall

Proving a landowner was careless in allowing a fall to occur is only one part of a claim for compensation. Injured people also bear the burden of demonstrating how an incident impacted their lives.

The center of a case is always a physical injury. Falls could result in broken bones, separated joints, sprains, and concussions. More serious trips could even result in permanent spinal cord or brain injuries. In every event, responsible property owners must provide compensation for all resulting medical bills.

Slips and falls also have the capacity to impact peoples’ lives in other ways. Many physical injuries place people in a significant amount of pain. Other individuals may find that they are experiencing nightmares or other forms of emotional trauma. Negligent landowners are just as liable for this reduction in a person’s quality of life as for physical injuries.

A final common source of compensation is lost wages. Whenever an injury forces a person to miss time on the job to make a recovery or results in permanent harm, landowners must provide payments for missing income. A slip and fall lawyer in Hamilton Square could work to measure a person’s losses and demand appropriate compensation.

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Trips and falls are common occurrences that have the potential to disrupt every portion of your life. Whenever these incidents are the fault of another property owner, you deserve compensation to set things right.

A Hamilton Square slip and fall lawyer could help you to collect these payments. A legal team could gather evidence about your fall, explain the relevant laws, and connect your losses to an incident. State law gives you a limited time following a fall to demand compensation. Reach out to our team of attorneys today to learn more.

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