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Many motorists assume people who choose to ride motorcycles accept any risk that follows. They may also believe that bikers do not have the right to demand compensation for injuries because a person was on a motorcycle at the time of a collision. Fortunately for bikers, these people could not be more wrong. Drivers owe the same duty of care to motorcyclists that they do to all other motorists. In addition, drivers responsible for a collision involving a motorcycle are still liable for any losses an individual experiences.

A Hamilton Square motorcycle accident lawyer could help if you endured an injury while riding your bike because of another’s negligence. A personal injury attorney could fight to protect your case from aggressive insurance companies and work towards bringing you the fair compensation you deserve.

Demonstrating Negligence in a Motorcycle Crash Case

Responsible driving is an essential part of safety on the road. This means following all rules of the road and traffic signals. However, it also means not placing others at risk of harm due to carelessness or recklessness. A failure to adhere to either of these standards could indicate negligence.

An injured biker must show that another driver’s negligence caused their losses to succeed in a motorcycle accident claim. The fact that an individual was riding a motorcycle at the time of a collision has little to do with a person’s compensation. A plaintiff suffering enhanced injuries because they were on a bike does not mean a defendant is not responsible for a collision.

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Hamilton Square could help to gather the evidence needed to prove defendant negligence. Legal representation could also help to defeat any allegations of shared negligence. According to New Jersey Revised Statute § 2A:15-5.1, a court assigns a percentage of fault to everyone involved in a crash Motorcycle riders must refute allegations that they contributed to their injuries through careless riding.

Obtaining Fair Compensation after a Motorcycle Wreck

A motorcycle collision case outcome should put a plaintiff in the same position they would have been in had an incident never occurred. As a result, injured riders must evaluate a collision’s full impact on their lives to pursue appropriate payments. The main elements of a claim often include a physical injury. Typical examples of these injuries in motorcycle crashes include:

  • Severe cuts and scrapes
  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints
  • Traumatic brain injuries

While physical losses associated with a wreck are significant, they may not tell the entire story. Many injured bikers also suffer economic harm in the form of lost wages due to an inability to work following a crash. The emotional trauma associated with an incident may also be meaningful to a claim, especially if it results in permanent physical injury. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Hamilton Square could help to evaluate an individual’s losses to make a proper claim for compensation.

Reach Out to a Hamilton Square Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Start a Claim

Motorcyclists have the same obligations and rights on the road as all other travelers. This includes the responsibility to follow traffic laws and the right to sue for damages following a crash.

No matter how life-changing your injuries may be, you only have the right to collect payment if you show another driver’s negligence was the cause of a wreck. This could involve intensive accident reconstruction, talking with witnesses, and gathering evidence from the scene of an accident. An unrepresented plaintiff may become overwhelmed quickly.

Let a Hamilton Square motorcycle accident lawyer take the lead. Our team could help protect your rights and claim while you focus on recovering. Call today to let a legal representative work for you.

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