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Dogs might be man’s best friend, but they are also animals with sharp teeth and motives we cannot always anticipate or understand. Between four and five million people suffer dog bite injuries requiring medical attention each year in the US, including in New Jersey. The South Jersey dog ​​bite injury lawyers at Grungo Law have successfully recovered compensation for victims of serious dog bite injuries for decades by holding dog owners responsible for their pet’s actions regardless of whether or not the dog had a history of biting. 

New Jersey law follows the strict liability statute for dog owners that doesn’t require a dog to have a history of previous biting. In New Jersey, dog bite victims do not have to prove negligence in a dog bite claim, but only that they were bitten by the dog while on public property or while legally on private property. Still, dog bite claims are often difficult to navigate successfully and require diligent investigation and documentation. A pet owner’s property liability insurance covers a claim for compensation for dog bite injuries, but insurers often dispute claims. Don’t take on a legal claim alone while recovering from the pain and trauma of a dog attack in South Jersey. Call the South Jersey dog ​​bite lawyers at Grungo Law today for a free consultation so we can move forward with prompt attention to your case.

Why Choose Grungo Law for Your Dog Bite Attorneys in South Jersey?

The South Jersey personal injury lawyers at Grungo Law have decades of experience navigating injury claims for injured and traumatized dog bite victims. We are a team of dedicated advocates with deep compassion for the impacts of a dog attack on the victim. We are ready to navigate the legal aspects of your case, while you work on recovering your physical and emotional health. Grungo Law is ready to provide the following advantages in your case:

  • A free case consultation and no fees until we secure your compensation
  • A strong local reputation for success with a track record of winning over $135 million for injured clients in South Jersey
  • Dedicated client advocates who combine the latest technology for investigation with knowledgeable legal counsel and local resources for our client’s advantage
  • Personalized attention with a strategy tailored specifically for the best possible outcome in your unique case

The dog bite lawyers at Grungo Law are ready to formulate a well-executed plan to maximize your compensation for damages like medical costs and lost income.

Understanding Dog Bites in South Jersey

South Jersey dog bite injury lawyers

Dogs bite for reasons we don’t always understand completely, but animal experts warn that even dogs with no previous history of aggression may attack and bite for reasons such as the following:

  • Fear or startlement
  • Feeling threatened or perceiving a threat against their owner
  • Protecting their territory, food, or a favorite toy
  • Protecting puppies
  • Illness or injury
  • Developing pack aggression when running loose with other dogs

Any dog ​​can bite under the right—or wrong—circumstances. While some triggers are more common and predictable by those familiar with dog’s motives, we may not always know what causes a dog to lash out aggressively in every case.

It is a dog owner’s responsibility to prevent their pet from causing injuries to others in public and when legally on the dog owner’s property. 

When is a Dog Owner Not Liable For Dog Bite Injuries?

If a dog bites a trespasser or someone in the act of committing a crime on private property, the owner is not liable for damages in most cases. However, those on a property for legal purposes but without an invitation are not trespassers. Postal workers, delivery people, and utility service employees are not trespassers. In most cases, anyone approaching the front door of a home for legitimate reasons is not a trespasser and has a right to expect to be safe from harm. Children are never trespassers under New Jersey Law. 

Common Dog Bite Injuries in New Jersey

Dogs have strong, sharp teeth with jagged edges that work like a serrated blade for tearing. When a dog bites, it causes a range of injuries ranging from level-1 injuries that don’t break the skin but causes mild abrasions to level-5 and 6 injuries that result in multiple deep puncture wounds, tearing of muscle tissue, current consumption of body parts, and death. If a dog attack results in a fatality, family members may gain compensation through a death claim, speak to a wrongful death attorney in South Jersey today. More commonly, victims of dog bites in South Jersey suffer injuries such as the following:

  • Single or multiple bites that break the skin
  • Deep puncture wounds on one or more body parts
  • Skin tearing or degloving of fingers and hands
  • Disfiguring facial bites
  • Bruises and lacerations
  • Brain injury
  • Fractured bones
  • Traumatic loss of digits (fingers and toes) or limb loss
  • Scarring

Dog bites often require extensive medical treatment as well as emergency care. Animal bites are prone to infection and leave disfiguring scars. Extensive scarring may require corrective surgery to restore appearance. Some dog bite victims in South Jersey need rehabilitation to regain full use of injured hands, feet, or limbs.

Besides physical injuries, many victims of dog attacks suffer from PTSD, sleep disorders, anxiety, or depression after their attacks.

What Damages Are Available for Compensation After Dog Bites?

Dog bite injuries quickly become expensive, especially if they require antibiotic treatment, rabies prevention, and/or corrective measures for scarring. Some dog bite victims in South Jersey need counseling after the attack to recover from emotional trauma. A successful claim for damages often includes some or all of the following:

  • Medical costs
  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future income loss
  • Pain and suffering compensation
  • Compensation for other non-economic damages such as disfigurement, scarring, traumatic limb loss, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional trauma

When an individual takes ownership of a dog, New Jersey considers the owner strictly liable for any damages caused by the dog to others. Typically, compensation for dog bite injuries in South Jersey comes through the pet owner’s homeowner’s insurance.

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