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South Jersey is an iconic American region with a great deal to offer residents and visitors alike. We have a right to feel safe when lawfully visiting any destination in South Jersey, whether it’s a commercial business, residential property, or government-owned premises like a bus stop. When an individual sustains an injury due to a property owner or manager’s carelessness, they shouldn’t be left with the undue burden of expenses on top of the other painful repercussions of an unexpected injury. Unfortunately, the insurance companies that provide New Jersey premises liability coverage to property owners commonly protect their profits at the victim’s expense.

A premises liability lawyer in South Jersey protects an injury victim’s right to recover their injury-related losses plus compensation for their pain and suffering. If you’ve experienced an injury due to a property owner’s negligence, call Grungo Law to set up a free consultation today so we can begin a strong strategy for your recovery.

Why Choose Us for Your Premises Liability Lawyers in South Jersey?

Grungo Law dedicates itself to client advocacy by prioritizing each client’s case as though they were family, beginning with attentive listening and following through with open and honest communication throughout the legal process. We bring the following significant advantages to your injury case:

  • No upfront fees—instead, we work on a contingency-based payment plan so we only take our fee after we secure your compensation
  • A results-oriented approach where we prepare every case as though it’s going to trial, leaving us in the best position for obtaining a large settlement in your case or following through in court
  • We use the latest technologies to our client’s benefit while investigating their case and documenting evidence and then combine the results with classic client advocacy for the best possible outcome
  • We are a team of strong investigators, tough negotiators, and practiced litigators to ensure prompt action and the best possible chance at the outcome you’re seeking in your case
  • Individualized attention and diligent legal representation from your attorney combined with the collaborative legal efforts of the South Jersey personal injury lawyers on your behalf

Richard Grungo Jr., ESQ is a New Jersey Supreme Court-certified trial attorney with a strong track record of success in recovering millions of dollars in settlements and court awards for injured clients. This includes a recent $650,000 settlement for an individual who suffered a preventable fall in a Jersey Shore hotel.

Common Premises Liability Cases in South Jersey

South Jersey premises liability lawyer

Shopping, dining out, or approaching a neighbor’s front door with their mail after it was accidentally delivered to you should not be risky activities, yet these typical daily ventures can unexpectedly result in serious injuries with lasting impacts. When an injury occurs due to carelessness on the part of the property or business owner, the victim shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences without compensation and accountability. 

The consequences of an injury are the victim’s “damages” in a personal injury claim. Common premises accidents in South Jersey include the following:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Trip-and-fall accidents
  • Pool accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Assault due to negligent or inadequate security
  • Burn injuries
  • Inadequate maintenance
  • Elevator/escalator accidents
  • Dangerous staircases
  • Fallen balcony injuries
  • Faulty amusement park rides
  • Falling object injuries

All property owners must take reasonable action to prevent injuries to those lawfully on their property. This means they have the responsibility to identify and promptly address or repair any hazardous condition on their property that could cause injury to others. Failure to do so leaves them liable for the victim’s damages, typically paid through their premises liability insurance coverage.

Understanding Liability in Premises Liability Cases in South Jersey

Although exceptions exist in premises liability cases, such as for adult trespassers or those injured on a property while committing a crime, according to New Jersey law, property owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of those lawfully on their property. Even the owner of a private residence can reasonably expect delivery employees, mail carriers, children, salespeople, and neighbors to approach their home and must take reasonable actions to keep others safe, for example, by keeping their dog retrained or by removing ice from a front walkway.  New Jersey business owners and managers invite consumers to their property and have a responsibility to prevent injuries. Proving liability in a premises injury case requires showing the following to be true:

  • The property owner owed a duty of care to take reasonable actions to prevent injury
  • They breached this duty through negligence
  • Their breach of duty directly caused an injury
  • The injury victim suffered economic and non-economic damages from the injury

An experienced South Jersey premises liability lawyer from Grungo Law will investigate all aspects of the injury, document evidence of negligence, identify the correct insurance company and send a demand package to the insurer with a list of carefully calculated damages to begin negotiating for an ample settlement.

What Damages Can I Claim for Compensation in a Premises Liability Case in South Jersey?

Injuries quickly become expensive, whether it’s a fractured hip from a slip-and-fall accident, a head injury from a falling store shelf, or dog-bite injuries, financial hardship results from as little as a single missed paycheck and a hefty medical bill. More serious injuries can cause life-altering disability or permanent scarring. Common compensation for damages in premises accident claims includes the following:

  • Medical expenses and future medical care costs
  • Lost income and future income loss
  • Lowered future capacity to earn due to disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other non-economic damages that apply in individual cases such as disfigurement compensation, PTSD, or loss of enjoyment of life

At Grungo Law, we believe in advocating for the maximum available compensation for every injured client even when insurance companies dispute claims, undervalue compensation amounts, or attempt to assign a portion of the blame to the victim to minimize their payout. 

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No one should take on a property owner and their insurer without legal representation and experienced counsel throughout the process of recovering damages. At Grungo Law, we provide experienced, in-depth knowledge of New Jersey’s injury laws to give your case the legal advantages you deserve. Call or contact our South Jersey personal injury law firm today so we can focus on your financial future while you turn your efforts toward maximizing your physical recovery.