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Cumberland County Car Accident Lawyer

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In the spring and summer months, Cumberland becomes a hub of activity for boating and fishing enthusiasts who want to take advantage of the beautiful Cumberland Pond. But while this sudden population influx does breathe life into the town, those boats and larger vehicles also increase the risk of car accidents. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, it is important that you contact a Cumberland County injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss filing an injury claim.

Causes of Car Accidents In Cumberland County

There are many different causes of car accidents in New Jersey, some causes are more common than others. A car accident attorney in Cumberland can aid an individual in defending their charge, no matter the cause. These causes include:

What To Do After An Accident In Cumberland County

There can be a number of complications that arise from car accidents in Cumberland, one of them being that remote roads can mean emergency vehicles and medical personnel may take longer to arrive. A Cumberland car accident lawyer can assist an individual in understanding what to do immediately after an accident, which is to:

  • Call the police. Not only will reporting the accident to the police provide evidence that may be needed later, especially if someone has been injured, it is the law in New Jersey. If it is not possible to report the accident at the time, a written accident report must be submitted within 10 days if there was a death, any injuries, or damage totalling more than $500
  • Seek medical treatment. This is important even when injuries do not seem to be present at the time. Again, medical reports can provide needed evidence later, especially if the case goes to court. But even more importantly, medical treatment may be needed, even when a person does not realize they have been injured
  • Contact a lawyer in Cumberland County right away. It can be difficult to know what immediate steps to take and an attorney can help
  • Do not admit fault. This is the first advice any attorney is going to give. While it is important to remain as calm and polite as possible, no one should ever accept responsibility for an accident at the scene

Dealing with Insurance Companies

New Jersey is a no-fault state, which means that when an accident occurs in Cumberland, drivers must deal with their own insurance company to cover costs for injuries and damages. And this can be more difficult than it seems.

Adding to the complications is the fact that nearly 20 percent of New Jersey drivers do not have insurance, or do not have enough insurance, leaving properly insured drivers to fight even more with their insurance company.

Insurance companies work hard not to pay out on claims and they can be difficult to fight. This is one of the areas that a Cumberland car accident attorney can help, as they deal with insurance companies every day.

Contact A Cumberland County Car Accident Lawyer

Being in a car accident is extremely stressful, no matter where it happens. But when it happens in Cumberland County, there is a Cumberland car accident lawyer who can help. Contact us today to review your case.