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Risks of Handling a Cumberland County Injury Claim Without a Lawyer

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When you become injured and another person is at fault for the injury, you may want to file a lawsuit to recoup compensation for expenses related to that injury. After making that decision, you will then have to decide whether to hire an experienced attorney to represent you, or whether you will represent yourself. However, you should know that there are many risks to handling a Cumberland County injury claim without a lawyer, making the former option typically the better one in personal injury cases.

Losing to the Insurance Company

One of the biggest risks of handling a Cumberland County injury claim without a lawyer is an unsuccessful fight with the insurance company. When most people are injured, whether it is in a car accident or at the workplace, he or she assumes the insurance company will take care of him or her. Unfortunately, this is not always true.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. In order to do this, the company cannot pay out huge benefits to everyone who applies for them. Insurance companies may outright deny benefits in some cases, or they may use unethical tactics to try to trick an injured person into claiming fault or otherwise voiding his or her claim.

A skilled attorney, however, could work to ensure this does not happen. The lawyer could speak to the insurance company on your behalf, thereby negating the insurance company’s potentially underhanded tactics. Once insurance companies determine that you have hired representation, they may be much more straightforward in awarding benefits.

Not Knowing the Law

Many people know that if someone causes you to sustain an injury, he or she can file a lawsuit in order to get compensation for that injury. Often, though, that is as far as his or her knowledge extends. He or she does not know how to file a lawsuit, the statute of limitations pertaining to the case, or what steps must be completed before and during his or her claim.

This lack of knowledge can significantly hurt a claim’s chances of success. When plaintiffs do not follow proper procedures, it may lead to a claim being thrown out of court, leaving the injured individual without any compensation at all. An experienced lawyer could not only know the law, but also make sure to take the proper steps in filing and pursuing a case.

Failure to Negotiate

One of the biggest risks of handling a personal injury claim in Cumberland County without an attorney is not getting sufficient compensation. Lawyers are typically accustomed to negotiating every day for individuals and trying to get the largest amount of compensation as possible.

The other side in a lawsuit may not offer a large settlement amount at first, but after tough negotiating and being presented with evidence from the other side, he or she may be more inclined to be generous. Individuals not familiar with the legal process are often not equipped to perform this kind of negotiating, so it is usually best to let a lawyer handle this part of the process.

Cumberland County Lawyer Could Reduce Risk in a Personal Injury Case

The fact of the matter is that there are too many potential risks of handling a Cumberland County injury claim without a lawyer. Unrepresented plaintiffs often end up severely limiting the amount of compensation he or she receives, or risk being denied insurance benefits to which he or she is rightfully entitled.

If you suffer injury and wish to file a claim, it is usually best not to do so on your own. Speak to an attorney today who could properly represent you and pursue compensation on your behalf.