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Non-Economic Damages in Cumberland County Injury Cases

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Damages in a personal injury case generally fall into two categories: economic and non-economic. While proving the former—the monetary expenses you occurred because of the injury—is relatively straightforward, that is not necessarily the case with the latter.

A qualified attorney could help you determine non-economic damages in Cumberland County injury cases and work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact a Cumberland County personal injury lawyer for more information.

Non-Economic vs. Economic Damages

Economic damages are objective. They include the victim’s medical expenses for both present and estimated future, lost wages, potential future lost income, vocational rehabilitation, and property damage. Property damage usually refers to structural or mechanical damage from automobile accidents, but can also apply to laptops, eyeglasses, or other valuable items destroyed in an accident.

The dollar value of these damages is generally not hard to calculate. Even future lost income, if the plaintiff was employed in a field where they expected to move up the ranks, is subject to reasonable calculation.

Non-economic damages, however, are more subjective, and the degree of emotional trauma someone went through because of an accident is very often incalculable. For severely injured people, no amount of money can restore them to mental and emotional wholeness, but money is the only restorative method available.

The Availability of Non-Economic Damages in Cumberland County

Non-economic damages in Cumberland County injury cases are generally awarded for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of previous activities
  • PTSD
  • Loss of consortium (granted to the victim’s spouse)

Since these awards have an emotional—rather than strictly rational—component, some states place limits on non-economic damages for cost control purposes. However, the state of New Jersey does not put a cap on non-economic damages, nor does Cumberland County.

How are Non-Economic Damages in Cumberland County Injury Cases Calculated?

When a jury or judge considers non-economic damage awards, they factor in various considerations. Among other factors, these may include:

  • The injury’s long-term impact
  • How the injury affects the person’s quality of life
  • How the injury affects the person’s family and/or work life
  • Amount of pain suffered

Every personal injury case is unique. Some victims may be unable to perform the simplest tasks or have great difficulty doing so. A person whose life once revolved around sports or other physical or mental activities in which they can no longer participate may find their ability to enjoy life seriously compromised.

Others may never again experience a day free from pain. Their families no longer have the company of the person they once knew. Children may grow up without a parent able to perform parental duties.

All these negative effects of a personal injury may be considered to be non-economic damages in Cumberland County injury cases for which an injured victim may seek compensation.

How a Cumberland County Lawyer Can Help

An experienced personal injury attorney may know the ballpark figure for a client’s non-economic damages claim, based on precedence and recent awards. They could represent their clients before insurance companies, during police investigations, and even at trial if necessary, fighting all the while for a settlement that may allow them to rebuild their lives as much as possible.

If the reckless or negligent acts of a third party caused you non-economic damages in your Cumberland County injury case, you may benefit from the services of a Cumberland County injury lawyer. Call today to arrange a consultation.