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Due to their size and weight, recovering from a boating accident can be difficult, especially when someone else’s negligent behavior causes your injuries. In addition to the physical toll, you could also find yourself under a tremendous financial burden as a result of your injuries. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney could assist you with recovering monetary compensation for your losses from responsible parties.

With the professional guidance of a Vineland boat accident lawyer, you would not have to face the court system alone. Experienced legal counsel could relieve the pressure of a lawsuit from your shoulders and thereby allow you to focus on recovery.

Common Boating Accidents

While most Vineland boating trips end without incident, some result in serious accidents. No matter the cause, an accident which takes place on the water is considerably more dangerous given the risk of drowning.

Collisions between Boats

A collision between boats can be devastating, especially when one or both vessels are traveling at a high rate of speed. The impact from a boat collision has the potential to inflict serious injury to passengers as well as nearby swimmers. Additionally, those involved in boating accidents may be at risk of drowning.

Is there a Risk of Fire on Water Vessels?

Despite being surrounded by water, it can be difficult to extinguish a fire on a boat. Whether caused by something simple like a discarded cigarette butt or a mechanical defect such as faulty wiring, a small fire can rapidly consume a boat in the right conditions.

Crashing into Objects

Collisions with other objects also frequently occur. For example, a boat could crash into the shore or partially submerged items such as rocks or trees. Boats involved in accidents run the risk of sinking, flooding, or capsizing, which could all lead to serious injury.

Improper maintenance, a manufacturing defect, or a faulty repair could all lead to a boat going under. Fortunately, a Vineland boat accident attorney could help you show a jury that another person’s negligence caused your injuries in order to recover your losses.

What Are Vineland’s Vessel Operation Regulations?

State law mandates that certain criteria must be met in order to operate a boat in Vineland. A certificate is required for boating on lakes and creeks, but state law does not apply to tidal or ocean waterways. Residents of Vineland,  as well as out-of-state boaters, are required to hold a New Jersey boat safety certificate prior to operating a motor-powered vessel in local waters.

There is an exception for some out-of-state boaters, however. A nonresident who stays in the state for less than 90 consecutive days may operate a motor-powered vessel so long as he or she shows proof of passing a safety course administered by his or her home state.

To secure a license, the state requires applicants to complete a boat safety course approved by the New Jersey State Police. Once an applicant completes the course, he or she must pay a fee. A steadfast boat accident lawyer in Vineland could help you establish a negligent boater’s lack of certification when pursuing compensation.

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Handling your injury claim on your own could put you at a disadvantage when negotiating with opposing parties. Insurance companies are also unlikely to offer adequate settlement offers, so it is advisable to get in touch with a qualified Vineland boat accident lawyer as soon as possible. To ensure your rights are protected, call today and schedule an appointment.