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When you ingest a prescription or over-the-counter drug, you likely take it with the intent of treating or managing a medical issue. Despite the critical role which medication may play in your life, the unfortunate reality is that some drugs may cause more harm than good. If you have suffered adverse effects from ingesting a dangerous drug, a dedicated personal injury attorney could guide you in recovering your damages through a civil suit.

Pharmaceutical companies have plenty of resources which they may use to avoid responsibility for the harm their drugs can cause. However, you can level the playing field by retaining a tenacious Vineland dangerous drugs lawyer.

What Happens when You Take a Dangerous Drug?

A dangerous drug can lead to many different complications, including overdoses, allergic reactions, and avoidable side-effects. The associated risks largely depend on the type of drug you take. One of the essential roles of a Vineland dangerous drugs attorney is to identify the medical complications as well as the kind of narcotic which caused them.

Defective Manufacturing

Some drugs become dangerous as a result of mistakes in their design or manufacturing. While the Food and Drug Administration tests medication prior to approving it for public use, many dangerous drugs receive approval despite inadequate testing or review. If a manufacturing error leads to your injury, you may have the right to file a civil suit against the manufacturer and pursue monetary compensation.

Unexpected Side Effects

Medication affects everyone differently, and some drugs can cause a medical injury or dangerous side effect even without a manufacturing defect. However, you may have a viable claim if the manufacturer, prescribing doctor, or pharmacist failed to warn you of the potential side-effects.

Inadequate Warning Labels

An otherwise safe narcotic can become deadly when it is mislabeled. When the label, instructions, or warnings are omitted or printed incorrectly, there is an increased risk that a patient could ingest the wrong dosage or even the wrong type of medication entirely.

Who Are the Potential Defendants in a Dangerous Narcotics Lawsuit?

Depending on the circumstances, there may be several potential defendants in a dangerous drugs lawsuit. An experienced dangerous drugs lawyer in Vineland may be able to assist you in identifying the parties responsible for your losses.

In many cases, an injured claimant will bring a dangerous drug lawsuit against the manufacturer. If a production company cut corners while designing a drug or testing its effectiveness, a jury may hold them responsible for any subsequent harm.

It is also possible to file suit against the testing laboratory that was responsible for a medication’s drug trial. If the laboratory made a mistake and should have recognized that a drug was dangerous, they may bear some fault for any injuries caused by their product.

You could also bring a claim against a doctor or pharmacist. It is a physician’s responsibility to recognize a potentially dangerous drug interaction or side effect when he or she prescribes a controlled substance. You might have a viable claim against a doctor or pharmacist if he or she neglected to properly instruct you on how to take the drug or warn you about potentially dangerous interactions with other medication.

Speak with a Vineland Dangerous Drugs Attorney as Soon as Possible

In order to prevail in a civil suit, you must prove that the negligence of a pharmaceutical company or medical professional is responsible for your injuries. Litigation of this nature can be complicated, but enlisting the help of a seasoned Vineland dangerous drugs lawyer could help you obtain compensation for your losses. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.