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Vineland Truck Accident Lawyer

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From highways to back roads, commercial trucks are everywhere. A collision with a large truck can leave a devastating impact on your life due to its size and weight.

Regardless of where your collision took place, a skilled Vineland truck accident lawyer could help you pursue a civil claim against an at-fault driver. You may be able to recover reimbursement for your medical bills—as well as the damage to your car and other costs—with the help of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

Relevant State Laws

In order to have a successful truck accident claim, you must prove that the other driver breached his or her duty of care and subsequently caused avoidable harm. A dedicated Vineland truck accident attorney could investigate whether a commercial vehicle operator violated his or her duty of due care by disobeying the rules of the road.

Vineland courts apply comparative negligence for cases involving personal injuries, according to New Jersey Revised Statutes §2A:15-5.1. This means you must demonstrate that a commercial truck operator bears more responsibility for your accident than you do in order to recover civil compensation after a truck wreck. Additionally, an at-fault driver may allege that you are partially responsible for your injuries, which could lead to a reduction of your compensatory award proportional to your assigned percentage of fault.

Emergency Stopping Equipment

The dimensions and heavy cargo on a commercial vehicle can make it difficult to come to a sudden halt when circumstances require it. Accordingly, state law requires larger trucks to be equipped with emergency stopping devices.

Additionally, trucks with air compression brakes must have a backup system if those fail. Required stopping equipment must be automatic and activate itself when the fixed pressure of the air brakes falls below a certain level.

If you were injured in a collision with a large truck that stemmed from brake failure, you might be able to show that the tractor-trailer was improperly equipped or poorly maintained. A lack of emergency stopping equipment which causes a crash may form the basis of a successful truck accident claim.

Speeding Trucks in Vineland

Vineland drivers are subject to the rules of the road codified in Title 39 of the New Jersey General and Permanent Statutes. For example, NJ Rev. Stat. §39:4-98 provides regulations for local speed limits to which all motor vehicle operators must adhere. Statutes such as this seek to protect the safety of all people on the road and may be cited in a civil suit as evidence of negligence in certain circumstances.

Speeding can make it more difficult for heavy vehicles to stop in time to avoid an accident. Moreover, higher velocities can also lead to severe damages, which an experienced truck accident lawyer in Vineland could help you recover for through a civil suit.

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Collisions involving tractor trailers can have a significantly detrimental impact on your life. If you were injured in a truck accident in Vineland, you may need to file a civil claim to compensate for your physical and emotional harms, as well as the damage to your vehicle.

A seasoned Vineland truck accident lawyer may be able to help you pursue compensation for your injuries more effectively than you would be able to alone. Get in touch with a local legal professional today to get started on your case.