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Motorists, truckers, and others on the road who do not pay adequate attention to their surroundings may inadvertently collide with bicyclists. Even low-speed collisions can leave a cyclist with broken bones, a damaged spinal cord, or traumatic brain injuries. The financial and physical costs associated with recovering from a bicycle crash can be overwhelming.

If you or a family member suffered injuries in a biking collision, you should ask an Atlantic County personal injury attorney about recovering your losses in a civil suit. An Atlantic County bicycle accident lawyer could evaluate your case and advise you on whether you can seek financial compensation for your injuries. One of our team members could assist you in recovering all of your accident-related damages from responsible parties.

Elements of a Bicycle Injury Claim in Atlantic County

An injured bicyclist who files a lawsuit seeking compensation must demonstrate several important elements through the use of evidence and witness testimony. The first element that the plaintiff must prove is that the defendant was acting carelessly at the time of the bicycle collision.

If an injured cyclist can show that a reasonable person in similar circumstances would have taken steps to prevent the otherwise avoidable accident, he or she may be able to establish the opposing party’s negligence. Traffic law violations such as inattentive driving or driving, while impaired, can also create civil liability for a negligent motorist in the event of a bike crash.

If your bicycle accident involved a negligent driver, please reach out to our car accident attorneys in Atlantic County today.

Additionally, the claimant must prove that the defendant’s negligent behavior caused the bicycle accident and resulting damages, as well as demonstrate the extent of the harm he or she suffered. This may require the presentation of medical bills and invoices, attendance records and pay stubs from employers, and similar evidence.

Injured bicyclists who believe the facts in their cases satisfy each of these criteria should consider meeting with an experienced Atlantic County bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible. A qualified lawyer from our firm could assist plaintiffs in gathering and presenting evidence to support their claims. In the event of the loss of life in a bicycle accident, reach out to the Atlantic County wrongful death attorneys for help with your case.

Consequences of Waiting to File a Claim In Atlantic City

Certain pieces of evidence may become lost or damaged over time, so a claimant who waits to file a lawsuit effectively diminishes his or her chances of success. For example, witnesses may become unavailable or have difficulty remembering crucial details over time.

Most bicycle accident lawsuits take several months or more if a judge or jury must decide the case. Complex cases – such as those involving multiple defendants – may take one year or more. If the parties are able to reach a settlement, they may sign an agreement within just a few months. This can save biking collision victims time and money, so it is worth discussing with a lawyer.

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You or your loved one may face a long and expensive road to recovery after a bicycle crash. However, if another person’s carelessness caused the collision, you may be able to obtain financial damages to cover your accident-related costs. An Atlantic County bicycle accident attorney could help you determine your rights and take action to protect your interests. Call our team today to get started.