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In any kind of accident, one of the worst possible outcomes is severe and permanent damage to the spinal cord. If you intend to file a civil lawsuit over spinal cord damage caused by someone else’s negligence, retaining an experienced Atlantic County catastrophic injury attorney is a virtual necessity.

Even with prompt medical treatment, people who experience this kind of injury often suffer significant or permanent loss of bodily sensation and partial or full paralysis. Without help from a skilled Atlantic County spinal cord injury lawyer, you may have trouble recovering comprehensively for both the short-term and long-term impacts of your losses.

Effects of Spinal Injuries

The spinal cord is the body’s information superhighway, connecting the brain to the rest of the nervous system so that signals can be sent throughout the body. Accordingly, any damage caused to the spinal cord has the potential to disrupt the flow of signals from the brain, leading to loss of motor control, sensation, and various other bodily functions.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a spinal cord injury can be classified into one of two categories depending on severity. An incomplete injury occurs when the spinal cord is bruised, twisted, or partially torn, leaving the victim with at least some motor control below the site of impact and often a decent chance at full recovery. Conversely, a complete injury entails the spinal cord being completely severed, leading to a total loss of sensation and mobility below the point of impact.

Injuries to the lower portion of the spine may result in loss of bodily function below the waist, or paraplegia, while injuries closer to the neck may cause loss of sensation and motor control in all four limbs and the torso, or quadriplegia. No matter the severity of a particular injury, an Atlantic County spinal cord injury attorney could help an accident victim file suit against those responsible for his or her spinal cord damage.

Recovering Compensation for Vertebrae Damage in Atlantic County

Any accident that causes damage to someone’s spinal cord may serve as grounds for civil litigation. In order to successfully recover compensation, a spinal cord injury victim and his or her legal representative must prove that another party owed him or her a duty of care, and that they violated that duty in a way that directly caused the accident in question.

Assuming this definition of legal negligence can be met, a civil plaintiff could recover compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. However, it is particularly important in spinal cord injury cases to consider not only what damages a plaintiff has already suffered, but also what losses he or she is likely to experience in the future.

Depending on the circumstances, future losses stemming from damaged vertebrae could include loss of earning capacity, loss of consortium, expenses for physical therapy and rehabilitative treatment, and continued pain and suffering. A member of our team could help an individual plaintiff determine what to factor into his or her settlement demand based on his or her unique circumstances.

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Spinal cord damage can still be extremely painful and debilitating even if you are able to make a full recovery over time. Unfortunately, permanent loss of motor function and sensation below the site of impact is a much more common outcome in these cases, causing various financial and personal damages that can last the rest of your life.

Obtaining comprehensive civil restitution for vertebrae damage can be extremely difficult without assistance from a qualified legal professional. To find out how an Atlantic County spinal cord injury lawyer could help with your case, call today to set up a consultation.