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When pharmaceutical companies market new drugs to consumers, their priority is to make profit, not consumer safety. As a result, they often fail to conduct adequate drug testing or warn consumers of potentially harmful side effects. When patients suffer injuries or undue illnesses from taking the medications designed to alleviate a medical condition, an Atlantic County dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to help.

When your doctor prescribes you a drug, you expect that medication to help you, not hurt you. Nonetheless, when drug companies prioritize profits over safety, you may be vulnerable to devastating consequences as a result. Hold these companies responsible for their harmful actions and seek the compensation you deserve with the assistance of a trusted Atlantic County personal injury attorney.

Defining Dangerous Drugs in Atlantic County

Patients and even medical professionals assume that approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) makes a medication safe for human consumption. The reality is that the FDA relies on drug trials and testing conducted by the drug manufacturer, whose primary goal is to make a profit by selling prescription medications. Taking medications with unknown or undisclosed side effects can lead consumers to suffer permanent injuries or diseases and even death.

While some drugs are ultimately removed from the market due to their dangerous affects – either forcibly by the FDA or voluntarily by the medication’s manufacturer – new drugs enter the market every day. In many cases, the only response from a manufacturer whose drug causes injuries or illnesses is placing a fine-print warning label on the medication container. Filing a civil claim in Atlantic County with an attorney’s help to hold manufacturers accountable for their dangerous drugs may be the only way to prevent them from continuing to produce and market unsafe medications.

In the competitive race to earn profits, pharmaceutical companies push drugs through the scientific process with minimal testing and as few clinical trials as possible. A manufacturer’s negligence can result in catastrophic injuries to patients. By enlisting the help of a well-versed Atlantic County dangerous drugs attorney, consumers can send a message that they will not tolerate companies who place dangerous drugs on the market.

Defective Medications and Product Liability Law

Civil claims involving the use of defective medications in Atlantic County fall under the umbrella of product liability law. Manufacturers and distributors of these drugs must make them reasonably safe for consumers to use as intended. However, when drugs cause harm to patients, these companies may be liable for the costs of their damages.

Dangerous drugs claims typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Design defects resulting from flaws in how the drug was designed
  • Manufacturing defects resulting from errors during the production process that result in tainted or unsafe drugs
  • Marketing defects, such as failure to warn consumers of potential side effects or provide adequate instructions for using a drug

If a drug company fails to conduct essential drug trials or disclose testing results, they may face liability if a patient is subsequently harmed by consuming a dangerous medication. Likewise, if a problem arose during the manufacturing process that made specific batches of the drug unsafe for use, the manufacturer may be liable for failing to remove those from the market. Finally, if a drug company provides inadequate warning labels for medications, affected patients could seek to hold it responsible with the assistance of a dangerous drugs lawyer in Atlantic County.

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Proving that a dangerous drug injured you is not always easy, especially when big pharmaceutical companies have seemingly unlimited resources to defend themselves from civil claims. However, injured consumers have a right to compensation for their losses in these situations, and an Atlantic County dangerous drugs lawyer has the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully pursue damages from these companies.

Working with legal counsel may be the most effective means of seeking compensation in a defective drugs claim. Getting the advice that you need in this situation can be crucial to securing a favorable outcome in your case, so call us today.