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Atlantic County Rear-End Collision Lawyer

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A rear-end car accident occurs when the front of one vehicle collides with the rear end of another. Some common fact patterns surrounding Atlantic County rear-end collisions are driver inattention or distraction, tailgating, panic stops, and reduced traction due to wet road conditions like snow and ice. If you were recently injured in a rear-end car wreck, you should enlist the help of an Atlantic County car accident lawyer from our firm to improve your chances of obtaining compensation from the at-fault driver.

Legal Presumptions

The law presumes that the car behind is always responsible for rear-end collisions. Usually, a car that rear-ends another vehicle is 100 percent at fault. However, in cases involving panic stops, for example, the person who is rear-ended may have stopped too quickly, stopped when he or she should not have, or already rear-ended the vehicle in front of him or her. This may create a certain percentage of liability for the injured claimant. Speak with our Atlantic County rear-end collision lawyer to guide you through the process of determining the negligent party.

Comparative Negligence In An Atlantic County Accident Case

Comparative negligence plays an important role in rear-end car accident cases in our area. If the rear-ended party is found to have contributed to the collision, the jury has the right to allocate fault to each driver involved in a tailgating crash.

An injured party who bears more than 50 percent liability for the incident could not receive compensation for his or her injuries, despite having been rear-ended. However, if he or she is found less than 50 percent responsible for the collision, then the percentage of fault assigned to him or her by a jury would be deducted from his or her compensation.

Establishing Liability in A Atlantic County Rear-End Accident Cases

An Atlantic County rear-end collision lawyer could use many methods and tools to establish liability in cases. For example, the police report and dashcam footage from a law enforcement officer (or which may have been recorded on one of the vehicles or traffic light cameras) could be substantially beneficial during litigation against an at-fault driver.

Police reports can be especially useful if there are any witnesses to the incident. One of our Atlantic County personal injury attorneys could track down the witnesses and gather testimonies from them to support an injured plaintiff’s claim.

Contact an Atlantic County Rear-End Collision Lawyer Today

It is important to contact an Atlantic County rear-end collision attorney after a collision rather than waiting to do so. One of the biggest reasons to contact a legal representative right after an accident is that there could be municipal court hearings with the at-fault driver in attendance because of a summons from a police officer.

Additionally, an attorney could help you navigate the municipal court system and start compiling all of the documents and facts necessary to pursue a strong personal injury claim on your behalf. The longer you wait, the more time goes by that you are not working your claim to receive monetary compensation for your losses, so call us right away to get started on your case.