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Any kind of accident can cause someone to sustain serious physical, financial, and personal losses. Any injury caused by someone else’s reckless or careless behavior could be grounds for a civil lawsuit. Unfortunately, recovery is not always possible in every situation – after a particularly serious accident, you may end up dealing with the consequences of another person’s negligence for the rest of your life.

In these situations, representation from a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney in Atlantic County is often key in securing a financial award to help offset your losses. A seasoned Atlantic County catastrophic injury lawyer could help you pursue recovery for all the harm a traumatic accident has caused you.

What Makes an Injury in Atlantic County “Catastrophic?”

While there is no singular legal definition of a “catastrophic injury,” it is generally understood to have permanent and debilitating consequences for the victim. Typically, catastrophic injuries involve significant damage to the head, brain, neck, and/or spine, and they often stem from a direct impact sustained during an accident.

Traffic collisions are the most common source of negligence-based catastrophic injuries, but they may also occur due to medical malpractice, a defective consumer product, dangerous conditions on private or public property, as well as a number of other circumstances.

Regardless of how a catastrophic injury originates, the effects are no less devastating. Injured victims may suffer permanent cognitive deficiencies, loss of sensation and motor control, partial or total paralysis, and significant physical pain.

While their effects are more severe, catastrophic injuries are litigated no differently than other personal injuries. In order to recover compensation, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant’s conduct violated a duty of care he or she owed to the plaintiff, and that the defendant’s breach of duty proximately caused the accident that led to the plaintiff’s injuries. With the help of our Atlantic County catastrophic injury lawyer, we will guide you through the claims process and fight for your rights.

The Important Role of Legal Counsel

The primary difference between catastrophic injury cases and other civil claims is the time scale on which recoverable damages must be considered. Instead of seeking compensation for only emergency medical care and a few weeks or months of missed wages and personal losses, victims of catastrophic accidents must take into account the permanence of their injuries and seek restitution accordingly.

For example, a person paralyzed in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver may need to pay for years of rehabilitative care, modifications to his or her home and vehicle to allow for mobility, daily personal care from a live-in nurse, and occupational training for a new career if he or she is able to work. Additionally, he or she may suffer numerous non-economic losses such as loss of enjoyment of life, inability to participate in certain hobbies, and loss of consortium with a spouse – all of which would last for the rest of his or her life.

Working with a dedicated Atlantic County accident attorney is often critical to recovering suitable compensation for catastrophic damages. Experienced legal counsel should know how to effectively demonstrate the severity of a claimant’s losses, estimate their value, and pursue compensation to cover those losses well into the future.

Work with an Atlantic County Catastrophic Injury Attorney

There is no amount of money that can fully make up for a permanent injury. What civil recovery can do, though, is ensure that an accident caused by someone else does not cause you to suffer financially.

Once retained, an Atlantic County catastrophic injury lawyer could work tirelessly on your behalf to construct a comprehensive demand for damages and recover the compensation you need and deserve. Call today to schedule an initial meeting about your case.