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Even with the Potential for Injury, New Jersey Does Not Have Drone Laws 

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It was not that long ago when, in December of 2016, two guests at a New Hampshire wedding were injured from a drone when it was flying through the air and crashed into them. The case made national headlines and it had many questioning the safety of drones, and whether more laws were needed to help prevent injury. In answer to those questions, many states have instated their own laws regarding the use of drones. But New Jersey is not one of them.  

The guests at that New Hampshire wedding sued the groom for the injuries they sustained. Both had suffered a concussion, while one had a broken nose and the other a laceration so deep it required twenty stitches to repair. Unfortunately, these are just two examples of the types of injuries a drone accident can cause.  

One very real type of injury caused by drone accidents is amputation, and it is more common than people think. In the summer of 2015, Latin singer Enrique Iglesias nearly had to have several fingers amputated after a drone smashed into his hand during a live performance in Mexico. And a little closer to New Jersey, a reporter for the Brooklyn Daily lost the tip of his nose after a drone crashed into his face.  

These injuries are often caused by the drone’s propeller blades that can be very sharp and that can cause significant damage when they come into contact with a person’s body.  

Another very common injury associated with drone use is injury to the eye. This is also due to the sharp propeller blades, which can be especially dangerous when they land or crash into a person in the face, a fairly common occurrence. Some doctors have even described eye injuries due to drones as being ‘inevitable’. This is particularly due to the fact that when a drone is flying overhead, people often look up to see them, leaving their face and eyes exposed.  

While New Jersey currently does not have any state laws pertaining to the use of drones, some cities within the state have instated their own; North Dover in the town of New Jersey is one of them.  

But although there are no state laws surrounding drones, those who have been injured by one may be eligible for compensation. Under personal injury law, drone operators must still act in a reasonable manner in order to keep themselves, and those around them, safe while using the drone.  

If you have been injured in a drone accident, speak to a personal injury attorney that can review your case. If you have incurred medical bills, lost income due to the fact that you are unable to go to work, or other expenses, the drone operator may be held liable if they are found to be negligent. A competent lawyer can help you pursue a drone accident injury case, and can help you recover the damages you deserve.