There are shining beacons of hope quietly making a difference in the lives of others within our local communities. One such organization is The Unforgotten Haven, a New Jersey charity dedicated to serving the community's most vulnerable members. At the core of Grungo Law's ethos lies a commitment to supporting local initiatives that uplift...
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The Spring Surge in Car Accidents

April 1, 2024 Legal Team
It’s easy to get swept up in the beauty of spring, but amidst the blossoms and sunshine, there's a less cheerful reality at play: the rise of car accidents. Spring is synonymous with more car accidents, but why? Our Cherry Hill accident attorneys are here to get to the bottom of it.  Why Do...
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Like most of us, you may get behind the wheel every day expecting to arrive at your destination in a typical, smooth fashion– no major traffic or anything out of the ordinary.  But what happens when your journey encounters an unexpected obstacle? Enter the world of roadwork and construction - a labyrinth of cones,...
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