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When a loved one dies suddenly as the result of another person’s careless or negligent action, a person may feel extremely frustrated. It may seem that there are not many steps possible to move forward or that there is no a way to seek justice. However, a Gloucester County wrongful death lawyer could assist someone by helping to file a wrongful death claim and research different legal options that may hold the responsible party liable in a court of law.

An injury attorney could help demonstrate how a negligent party’s actions led to the death of a loved one by examining the case facts, interviewing potential witnesses, and acquiring police reports and medical examiner statements. Contact an accident lawyer in Gloucester County who can explain the legal process of filing a claim and help pursue the case in court.

Who is Eligible to Bring a Claim In A Gloucester County Wrongful Death Case?

A wrongful death claim generally is made by a personal representative. This could be the executor of the deceased’s will or an individual appointed to serve as estate administrator by the probate court. To be eligible to file for compensation, a person may need to show that they were dependent upon the deceased. Those eligible to file such a claim may include a:

  • Spouse
  • Child
  • Parent
  • Sibling
  • Niece or nephew

It is also important to note that Gloucester County wrongful death laws only allow the recovery of pecuniary damages which includes loss of income, loss of services such as guidance, training, and assistance that the deceased would have provided if still alive. Additionally, damages may also encompass the funeral and medical expenses of the deceased.

In wrongful death cases, New Jersey’s statute of limitations commonly requires a claim to be filed within two years of the date of the deceased’s death. There could be a great deal of investigating and negotiating required, so it could be important to work with an experienced wrongful death lawyer in Gloucester County who understands the laws and who can protect a person’s rights.

Common Causes Of Wrongful Death In Gloucester County

A wrongful death occurs when there is a party connected to the incident that could be held accountable due to negligence. Negligence in any capacity may negatively influence a situation and potentially result in catastrophic injuries. Common reasons for why a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed could include:

  • Occupational exposure to a dangerous chemical or an unsafe work environment
  • A car accident that involved an intoxicated or distracted driver
  • Misdiagnosis by a physician or medical institution

Another reason that a wrongful death claim could be filed is when someone intentionally harms another person and those injuries become fatal. Following such a violent incident, a person who constitutes as a personal representative could launch a wrongful death lawsuit on the deceased individual’s behalf.

Negligence and failure to maintain a duty of care could have devastating consequences. Family members and loved ones are often left trying to recover from their loss with great financial pressure from costly medical care or funeral expenses. A Gloucester County personal injury lawyer could help alleviate such stress by examining the case and identifying potential compensation options.

Contact A Gloucester County Wrongful Death Attorney

In most wrongful death lawsuits, if a person fails to meet filing deadlines they may be unable to file a claim. Insurance companies may also attempt to convince someone to settle early and accept a limited settlement to avoid going to court.

Before signing anything or speaking to an insurance company, consider contacting a Gloucester County wrongful death lawyer. They could have access to resources that may help a person negotiate and succeed in court. Compensation for the loss of a loved one could be available and may significantly improve a person’s quality of life as they attempt to move forward. Contact us or call today.