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Many New Jersey children participate in sports. When parents register their children for sports, they understand that injuries may occur. However, parents typically expect minor injuries, such as a jammed finger or a fat lip. Parents do not expect devastating, long-term damage to occur from their child’s participation in athletics. However, they can happen when an organization or responsible adult is negligent.

If your child suffered a substantial injury while participating in a sport, contact a Gloucester County child sports injury lawyer to evaluate your case. We never want to believe that those we trust with our children can be negligent but when they are, and an injury occurs, a skilled attorney can help you pursue justice.

Typical Sports Injuries in Gloucester County

While every sport has an inherent risk, certain sports lead to more injuries than others. For example, contact sports, such as football or ice hockey, will often lead to more extreme injuries than tennis. Injuries can range from relatively treatable to life-altering. Examples of common sports injuries seen in children include:

  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Head or neck injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury

Of course, some injuries are sustained in the normal course of play. If a child is hit by a fly ball, for example, it would be difficult to prove that this was due to negligence, as fly balls are a typical aspect of baseball. However, if your child was injured due to improper playing conditions, you may have a case that qualifies as negligence. A Gloucester County child sports injury lawyer can help evaluate your case and determine if it has merit.

Improper Playing Conditions

Often, for your child to participate in sports in Gloucester County, a parent must sign an authorization form that acknowledges there is a risk of injury. However, this assumes that all aspects of the game are in normal order. There is always a chance that the equipment used in the game was defective. For example, children playing touch football rely on helmets to protect themselves from concussions and other head injuries. If the helmet is defective, a hit to the head can lead to long-lasting brain damage that can derail your child’s development.

Additionally, your child may be injured due to improperly maintained playing fields or venues. It is expected that the playing fields are maintained in safe condition for children. Injuries due to improperly maintained play areas often fall under premises liability law, meaning general negligence laws typically apply.

Finally, your child may be injured due to a coach or other supervisor’s negligent behavior. For example, if your child sustained a bad hit during a football game and the coach put the child back in the game, this can be considered negligent behavior. Failing to properly supervise children, resulting in injury, can also be a negligent action. A Gloucester County child sports injury lawyer can review the issues and facts and help determine liability.

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A Gloucester County child sports injury lawyer with extensive experience with child sports injuries can fully investigate your case and advocate on your child’s behalf. We know as parents that you are putting your child’s best interests first, and we want to assist you in that pursuit.

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