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Gloucester County Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

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Many injuries can heal without medical intervention. However, some injuries are catastrophic, and the individuals who sustain them will never be able to fully recover. Many will need lifelong medical care and a considerable number will need around-the-clock attention. This can be financially straining on even the most financially sound household.

These types of injuries can have a major impact on you, but you may be able to seek compensation with the help of a Gloucester County catastrophic injury lawyer if an injury is caused by an irresponsible person or party. If you believe your injury was caused by someone else, it may be beneficial to consult a well-versed attorney.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Traumatic injuries can be painful and expensive to treat. They can also prevent you from living a productive life. In general, any injury that results in a severe disability or permanent health problems can be categorized as “catastrophic”. Some of the most common traumatic injuries involve:

  • Brain and spinal cord damage
  • Loss of senses (ex: paralysis, blindness)
  • Organ damage
  • Disfigurement or loss of limbs
  • Third-degree burns

To make matters worse, the injuries listed above often require long-term, potentially lifelong medical care. This can be remarkably expensive, and during treatment, patients are often subjected to even more painful procedures. This makes sustaining a catastrophic injury both physically and psychologically exhausting.

The True Cost of an Injury in Gloucester County

Sustaining a catastrophic injury can be both painful and expensive. Medical care is often required for an extended period of time and can easily cost millions of dollars over the years. Even with health insurance, this is difficult to cope with and no one should be forced to shoulder the cost if his or her injury was caused by someone else.

Some patients could also be forced to modify their homes and properties. When a person is paralyzed, he or she may lose the ability to walk up and down the steps. Individuals in wheelchairs may no longer be able to reach high cabinets and shelves. These costs are generally not covered by health or homeowner insurance, and can easily run thousands of dollars.

Fighting Back

If you are injured at the hands of someone else, you should consult a Gloucester County catastrophic injury lawyer. This is especially true if you wish to obtain compensation for your suffering. This is unfair, but to fight back, you must file suit in a timely manner. A competent lawyer can provide you with the legal guidance you need during proceedings and can obtain testimony from witnesses and other legal and medical professionals. Filing suit against another person or company in court can be intimidating, and without a lawyer, it can be nearly impossible to win.

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Catastrophic injuries come in a wide variety of shapes and forms. But, as their name implies, they all have a catastrophic impact on the mind and body of those who sustain them. If you suffered a catastrophic injury at the hands of another person, it may be wise to consult an attorney who understands your predicament. Call a Gloucester County catastrophic injury lawyer to speak with a legal professional who can help.