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Gloucester County Emergency Room Errors Lawyer

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When you have an emergency health situation, you face fear and uncertainty. In your time of need, you turn to doctors to get treatment and answers. You expect the doctor will help you get better. Unfortunately, doctors can make mistakes.

He or she may misdiagnose your illness or provide the wrong medicine and his or her mistakes can cause lasting damage or cost you your life. If you are a victim of an emergency room doctor’s error, you can seek recourse.

A Gloucester County emergency room errors lawyer could help you seek justice, as well as recoup medical bills, lost wages, and damages for your pain and suffering. Our skilled medical malpractice attorneys could help victims in Gloucester County pursue a claim and hold doctors accountable.

What is an Emergency Room Error?

Emergency rooms are high-stress environments. People with a myriad of medical problems come to the emergency room to seek treatment and doctors and nurses must make quick decisions that can easily result in misdiagnosis or mistreatment. Typical examples of medical errors in emergency rooms include:

  • Delay in diagnosis
  • Delay in treatment or triage
  • Failure to properly diagnose an illness
  • Failure to properly asses a patient’s medical history
  • Inappropriate administration of medication

Any of these mistakes can cause long-term complications or death. Doctors have strict guidelines he or she must follow when providing treatment and a failure to follow these protocols can lead to disastrous results for patients. If you have suffered due to the mistakes of an emergency room doctor, a Gloucester County emergency room errors attorney could help you seek justice for your suffering.

When Gloucester County Medical Professionals Are Liable

When emergency room doctors make mistakes, he or she may be committing medical malpractice. Medical malpractice means that there is a duty of care owed to the patient and the medical provider violated the standard of care, which directly caused harm to the patient. The standard of care refers to the accepted level of care all New Jersey medical providers are expected to provide to his or her patients. This standard does vary depending on several factors, including the patient’s age and exact circumstances under which the patient was being treated. Therefore, the standard of care will differ in an emergency room and a family practice.

To prove you were harmed as a result of an emergency room error, you will have to prove that your injury was directly caused by the medical provider’s breach of the standard of care. This can be difficult to prove, especially if you have other medical problems.

In most cases, your attorney will reach out to medical experts to assess your situation and provide expert testimony on your behalf. To better understand the standard of care and how it applies to your case, consult with a Gloucester County emergency room errors lawyer who could carefully review the facts of your injury.

Get Help from a Gloucester County Emergency Room Errors Attorney

If you suspect that you are a victim of an emergency room error, call today to discuss your case. A skilled Gloucester County emergency room errors lawyer could review your case and answer your questions.

Although you may be suffering greatly, a compassionate attorney could assist you in pursuing your claim and fighting to get the fair compensation you deserve. Our lawyers could aggressively advocate on your behalf. Call today to get started.