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January Family First Recipient

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Posted on February 5, 2024

As Paula Timberlake celebrates her fifth year with the firm, she is recognized not only for her contributions but for her thoughtfulness and kindness. Paula, a dedicated Paralegal for Litigation, has become an integral part of the team, working closely with attorney Christine Lafferty on various cases. 

One of the standout qualities that define Paula is her composure, often described as “cool as a cucumber.” Regardless of the challenges that come her way, Paula handles them with grace and ease. Her ability to stay calm under pressure is not only admirable but also invaluable in the demanding field of litigation. She embodies the term “team player.” 

Beyond her professional capabilities, Paula is known for her positive demeanor. An amazing passion of Paula’s is gardening, and each year, she shares the fruits of her labor with the rest of the office. She spends lots of her time gardening and finds joy in it. Cheers to Paula and the invaluable contributions she continues to bring to the firm!