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While buses offer a convenient and efficient method of transportation, they have the capacity to cause catastrophic injuries to passengers, pedestrians, and motorists. A bus’s mass coupled with a lack of seatbelts creates a greater risk of harm for everyone near a bus accident. You may feel the effects of a bus accident long after the incident itself, as collisions involving public transit vehicles commonly result in life-altering consequences.

A Pennsauken Township bus accident lawyer could help you pursue civil litigation against those responsible for causing your losses. These accidents commonly involve multiple liable parties, so it is best to let a skilled personal injury attorney review the details of your case before initiating a lawsuit.

Parties to a Bus Collision Lawsuit

Anyone who suffers harm such as severe head trauma, broken bones, or physical or mental injuries in a bus accident may be eligible for compensation. For instance, the following parties are likely to sustain debilitating injuries in the event of a public transit vehicle collision:

Additionally, any surviving family members of a person killed in a bus crash may pursue compensation with the help of an attorney.

Potential Defendants

An investigation into a crash should reveal who is potentially responsible for reimbursing an injured individual’s damages. A bus driver who engages in reckless driving could be required to compensate any injured parties for their losses. In the event of a bus crash, potentially liable parties include:

  • The bus driver, if he or she was driving negligently
  • The bus company, if it negligently employed a dangerous driver or failed to adequately investigate the backgrounds of its drivers
  • A mechanic who is responsible for repairs on the bus, if he or she failed to remedy a dangerous defect

Attorneys who routinely handle bus accident cases in Pennsauken Township would have the resources needed to identify responsible parties so that injured plaintiffs have the best chance at securing a favorable outcome in their claims.

Bus Companies and Their Insurers

Most bus companies carry insurance coverage to pay for any expenses a person incurs after being injured in a collision. The insurance company may seek a settlement of the injured plaintiffs’ claims in order to avoid reimbursing some of their damages. This means offering an injured claimant a sum of money in exchange for the dismissal of his or her lawsuit.

A settlement may be an appropriate resolution to a bus crash claim as long as the offer amount is adequate. If the insurance or bus company does not offer a fair amount that meets the claimant’s needs, then it may be more advisable to decline the settlement and proceed to trial. An experienced bus collision lawyer in Pennsauken Township could help an injured plaintiff determine whether accepting a settlement offer is a good financial and legal decision.

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If you have been hurt in a bus accident, the time for you to take legal action and pursue compensation for your injuries is limited. A Pennsauken Township bus accident lawyer could help you navigate the civil court system and obtain maximum compensation from all liable parties on your behalf. Call us today to get started on your case.