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When human error and oversight impact product design and manufacturing processes, a consumer could be harmed from using a defective product as a result. Some defects may cause a product to work less efficiently than advertised, but others can cause serious bodily injury or even death to consumers.

An experienced Pennsauken Township defective products lawyer could help you recover financial compensation from the manufacturers of dangerous merchandise. Monetary damages awarded in a successful civil lawsuit can be especially useful in offsetting your medical bills or lost wages.

Product Defects

Defects can impact a product’s functionality and the way it was intended to work. Some defects involve problems with a product’s design, whereas others may entail irregularities in the manufacturing process itself, such as using the incorrect materials or failing to install crucial parts. Additionally, inadequate warning labels or instructions which fail to inform a consumer of a product’s dangerous qualities as well as how he or she should use it could form the basis of a successful civil claim.

Consumers may not be able to distinguish whether a product contains one or more defects. For this reason, the law requires product manufacturers to take reasonable steps to test, evaluate, and mitigate any safety issues before making an item available for purchase. Negligent manufacturers who do not take these measures or who allow dangerous products to enter the market without giving adequate warnings could be held liable with the help of a dedicated Pennsauken Township attorney.

Injuries Caused by Dangerous Products

Defects in merchandise can lead to many different types of losses for consumers. Some examples of the harm a person can suffer from using a dangerous product include:

  • Second- or third-degree thermal or electrical burns
  • Severe head trauma
  • Injuries to the neck or spine
  • Puncture wounds or cuts
  • Food or chemical poisoning
  • Loss of a limb

An injured claimant may need one or more medical procedures to remedy the effects of a defective product, and they are likely to incur lost wages during the recovery period. Additionally, lasting disabilities may impact a person’s ability to earn income in the future. Medical bills, unearned income, pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and other losses can be recovered in a civil suit with the help of a well-versed defective products lawyer in Pennsauken Township.

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Injured consumers may have legal recourse against a product manufacturer who failed to take reasonable steps to ensure that an item was safe for customers to use. If you have been hurt by trying to use  dangerous merchandise, a diligent Pennsauken Township defective products lawyer could help you understand your legal rights.

If you are eligible to file a lawsuit against the product’s manufacturer, your legal representative could help you prepare and file a legal petition to initiative civil litigation. Your time to recover compensation is limited, so you should speak with a knowledgeable legal advocate from our team as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are preserved.