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Car wrecks and pedestrian accidents do not always occur on highways or at intersections. A public or private parking lot may be the site of a serious injury that leaves a person with serious injuries. A motor vehicle operator who does not exercise reasonable care when driving in a parking lot or garage could be required to pay compensation to anyone who is injured as a result of their careless conduct.

If you were harmed by a negligent driver, you may have legal recourse. By speaking with a Pennsauken Township parking lot accident lawyer, you could learn what rights you may have and get assistance in obtaining compensation to offset your losses. A skilled car accident attorney could assist you in pursuing a lawsuit against a negligent driver.

The Role of Negligence in Parking Lot Accidents

When drivers are in a hurry to park their cars or leave a garage, they may make careless or rash decisions. These decisions may, in turn, lead to a motor vehicle or pedestrian accident. Examples of behaviors that can lead to accidents in parking lots and garages include:

  • Backing up without checking mirrors and blind spots
  • Speeding
  • Using a smartphone or other device while driving
  • Racing to get a parking spot

It is an injured person’s responsibility in a civil case to prove that another driver under similar circumstances would have exercised greater caution to avoid the accident. In making such a determination about the defendant’s negligence, a judge or jury may consider many factors, including:

  • The willfulness or wantonness of the conduct
  • The age, experience, and general health of the driver
  • The time of day and general condition of the parking lot
  • Other drivers’ careless or reckless conduct

Settling a Pennsauken Township Parking Lot Accident Case

An injured plaintiff who files suit against the person who caused the injury in a parking lot accident may have an opportunity to settle their case before trial. A settlement is an agreement between the plaintiff and the allegedly-negligent defendant wherein the defendant agrees to pay the plaintiff a certain amount of compensation and, in return, the plaintiff agrees to dismiss his or her lawsuit.

Both parties may initiate settlement talks with the other at any time before trial. Some settlement negotiations may take place before the plaintiff even files his or her lawsuit. Although either party may initiate negotiations, both parties must agree to the settlement terms for there to be an agreement. A comprehensive settlement agreement will resolve all outstanding legal issues between the parties.

While settlements may allow a plaintiff to recover compensation sooner than he or she would have by going through the court system, there may be drawbacks to these agreements. In many cases, the agreed-upon compensation is far less than the amount the plaintiff sought or might have obtained at trial. Individuals may wish to consult with an experienced attorney before exploring or accepting a settlement offer as a resolution to their case.

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Parking lot accidents have the potential to cause you or your loved ones serious physical and financial harm. If a driver was careless or thoughtless while driving in a parking lot, you might have the right to pursue a claim of compensation. Talk to a Pennsauken Township parking lot lawyer soon about what steps you should take to protect your legal rights.