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There are many dangers you could face in a commercial establishment or at a neighbor’s home. When you visit someone else’s property, your safety should not be compromised. However, accidents can occur suddenly and without warning while you are visiting another person’s property.

The law imposes certain obligations on property owners, and those who do not take reasonable steps to protect the safety of any visitors could be held liable with the help of a qualified personal injury attorney in the event of an accident. A steadfast Pennsauken Township premises liability lawyer could provide substantial assistance if you suffered harm on another party’s property.

The Importance of Classifying Visitors

There are three different types of visitors, and making distinctions between them is crucial for anticipating how the law might impact a particular case. One of the most important steps to holding a property owner liable for an accident which takes place on his or her land is to identify the status of the injured person.

A business invitee is someone who enters a property to conduct business. Customers at a grocery store would be considered business invitees. Furthermore, a licensee is someone who has authority or permission from the landowner to be on his or her property, such as a social guest at a party. Finally, a trespasser is someone who lacks authorization, consent, or lawful excuse to be on someone else’s property.

Property Owner Responsibilities

Proprietors owe a standard of care to visitors. For example, a landowner must regularly inspect his or her premises, fix any dangers that might be present, and warn guests of any hazardous property conditions her or she is aware of.

However, a property owner has no duty to warn a trespasser of any known dangers. A person who is bitten by a dog, for example, on someone else’s land while trespassing would not be able to claim any damages from the animal’s owner. The only exception to this rule is for cases involving children and attractive nuisances. A landowner who leaves an attractive nuisance unattended and accessible could be held legally responsible for any injuries a child suffers as a result.

Recovering Damages

After suffering harm on another person’s property, an injured party may file a lawsuit against the landowner and seek compensation. An attorney from our firm could help convince a judge or jury that the property owner did not fulfill his or her legal obligations and that the plaintiff suffered some harm or injury as a result.

It is also necessary to measure a claimant’s losses so his or her legal representative can pursue an adequate compensatory award in court. Working with experienced legal counsel in Pennsauken Township can make calculating medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and other related costs much easier.

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Classifying your rights as a visitor to the defendant’s property and accurately calculating the compensation you need may be difficult without professional legal guidance. The assistance of a Pennsauken Township premises liability lawyer could help you overcome these and other challenges in your legal recovery. Speak with an attorney today about how you can begin your claim.