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Suffering a severe burn can have life-long consequences. You could, for example, be forced to deal with chronic pain along with the psychological consequences of physical disfigurement. The main types of burns are thermal burns, caused by extreme heat; light burns, caused by UV light; radiation burns, usually caused by medical radiation; chemical burns, caused by exposure to a caustic chemical; and electrical burns, caused by exposure to a strong electrical current.

If you or a family member has been badly burned as a result of someone else’s negligent conduct, then be sure to consider contacting a Pennsauken Township burn injury lawyer today. With help from a catastrophic injury attorney, the individual who is responsible for causing harm to you or your loved one could be held legally accountable. Whether it is through settlement or a jury verdict, the plaintiff in a burn injury lawsuit could obtain significant monetary damages, such as compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, property loss, physical pain and suffering, mental distress – and more.

Burn Classifications & Descriptions

The amount of compensation that a burn injury lawyer in Pennsauken Township could pursue on behalf of a client will likely hinge on the severity of the individual’s burn injuries. Physicians classify burns as:


A first-degree burn damages the outer layer of skin called the epidermis. A mild sunburn is an example. While a first-degree burn normally is no cause for alarm, long-term sun exposure can, of course, lead to various types of skin cancer.


A second-degree burn damages the epidermis plus the skin layer directly underneath it, called the dermis. The site of a second-degree burn may be blistered, swollen, persistently colored red, and painful.


A third-degree, or full-thickness, burn is one that destroys the epidermis and the dermis, plus damages underlying muscle, bone, and tendon. Normally, sensation is lost in the part of the body burned due to the destruction of nerve endings. Suffering a third-degree burn in an accident almost certainly should prompt someone to consult a lawyer in the Pennsauken Township area.

Compensation for Losses Victims Endure

Most personal injury cases – burn cases included – are premised on the concept of negligence. Establishing that a plaintiff’s burn injuries directly resulted from another party’s negligent conduct should entitle the plaintiff to be compensated for any or all of the following:

Are Medical Bills Recoverable after a Serious Burn Injury?

A serious burn has the potential to lead to a multitude of problems that require both short and long-term medical attention. As such, the plaintiff may be able to obtain money damages covering surgeries, skin grafts, prescription painkillers, physical rehabilitation, mobility aids, and the like.

Lost Wages

Someone who has been badly burned may be unable to work or have to take time off of work for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment. A burn injury lawyer in the Pennsauken Township may be able to help a victim obtain compensation for lost wages.

What Types of Pain & Suffering Are Recoverable after a Burn Accident in Pennsauken Township?

The long-term physical pain and mental suffering often associated with living with a serious burn injury is compensable under state law. Other types of so-called “general damages” that a plaintiff in a burn injury case could receive include compensation for physical disfigurement, loss of companionship, and the loss of enjoyment of life.

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Whether you are able to obtain compensation following a serious burn injury largely rests on the quality of your legal representation. A Pennsauken Township burn injury lawyer could evaluate your case and begin to put together a claim for damages. Contact a local lawyer today to discuss your options.