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A wreck in which one car collides with the back of another vehicle is frequently the result of negligent driving. The driver of the trailing vehicle may be held legally responsible for the other person’s damages. Rear-end or tailgating crashes can lead to significant and debilitating injuries which may require expensive and ongoing medical treatment.

Help from a Pennsauken Township rear-end car accident lawyer could make a substantial difference in recovering your medical expenses and lost wages after a collision. A car accident attorney could help you file a strong claim for damages from the at-fault parties.

Recoverable Damages

A person who files a civil lawsuit following a tailgating wreck may be able to recover financial compensation from the party or parties that caused the accident. Recoverable losses in civil claims are divided into two categories: economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are quantifiable and may help cover the costs associated with accident-related losses, such as:

  • Medical procedures and doctors’ appointments
  • Rehabilitative and therapeutic services
  • Lost wages from having to miss work
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • At-home healthcare services

It may also be possible to recover non-economic damages for intangible losses such as pain and suffering and emotional trauma. An attorney in Pennsauken Township who is familiar with tailgating car crash cases could help an injured person measure the scope of his or her damages and file a demand for compensation which reflects his or her total losses.

How to Succeed in a Rear-End Collision Lawsuit

A claimant in a civil suit must prove several important elements in court in order to obtain compensation for his or her injuries. First, he or she must show that another party’s carelessness caused an otherwise avoidable rear-end car crash.

Proving a driver’s negligence involves establishing that his or her actions were not reasonable at the time of the collision. For example, it may be necessary to demonstrate that another driver under similar circumstances would have exercised greater care to avoid an accident. If this can be proven, then the defendant driver would be considered negligent.

A defendant driver who engages in the following behaviors on Pennsauken Township roads could be found negligent in the event of a rear-end collision:

  • Speeding
  • Violating traffic laws
  • Following another vehicle too closely
  • Making sudden stops or turns without signaling
  • Driving while drowsy or impaired
  • Texting while driving

Finally, the plaintiff must show a causal connection between the rear-end crash and his or her injuries. The losses and damages the plaintiff is seeking compensation for must be a direct result of the opposing party’s reckless misconduct.

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If you were injured in a recent auto collision because another driver was not paying attention to the road, you should consider speaking with a Pennsauken Township rear-end car accident lawyer. An attorney from our team could review the circumstances of your case and advise you of the legal steps necessary to pursue a claim for compensation. Call our firm today to learn more.