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The Dog Days of Summer Means More Dog Bites?

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Posted on August 15, 2023

Every year, about .3% of all hospital emergency room visits are because of dog bites. Here’s another fact: Dog bites ARE on the rise right now, in part because of our environmental conditions! Since we’re in the middle of summer, our increased temperatures, ozone and UV irradiation are all contributing factors to a rise in the number of dog bites.*

Turns out, dogs are a lot like people. When they’re hot and/or physically stressed, they may be more prone to be irritable and aggressive. By following some basic guidelines, you can help avoid a dog bite incident:

  • When you’re out and about this season in particular, take extra precautions when around an unfamiliar dog. That “cute” fuzzy dog walking on a leash towards you may not appreciate you squatting down and staring him in the face. Always ask the owner if it’s safe to reach out or get close.
  • Body language is important. Don’t stare directly at a dog, particularly if you’re very close. This may be seen as a threat.
  • Don’t potentially freak out a dog by making sudden movements or loud noises or yelling.
  • Take cues from the dog. If he’s backing up, turning away or growling, it’s a clear sign he doesn’t want to interact with you. (Maybe he’s just having a bad day!)

If you are ever bitten by a dog, there are several steps you should take to A.) ensure your health and safety, and B.) protect your legal rights.

  • Document the incident in writing with as many details as possible.
  • Collect information from the dog’s owner and that of any witnesses.
  • Seek medical attention. Don’t assume you’re okay, as the physical damage or threat may not be fully apparent at that time.
  • Contact a qualified New Jersey dog bite injury attorney to review the details of your potential case.

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