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2023 Grungo Law Scholarship Winner Announced

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Posted on February 5, 2024

While reviewing lots of great scholarship submissions, one entry in particular stood out. Bhavana Nampally completely impressed our judges with her extensive commitment to service, making her this year’s winner of our annual $1,000 scholarship.   

Bhavana explained how she is always finding causes to donate her time and resources to, while working towards her Master’s degree. For several years, she has been dedicated to giving back to her community and those in need of support.  

“Starting in my undergraduate days, I used to visit different places, like the School For the Blind, different types of orphanages, and charity organizations to help students and elders,” she said. 

Bhavana helps organizations and children financially, teaches children who cannot go to school or have “the minimum basic needs,” and she also gathers funds to help them go to school.   

Her story is heart-warming and helps strengthen the bond with our community, connecting us with other like-minded individuals who value serving our community as much as we do.   

“I try to do as much as I can at any given point of time. I want to try to see the people who cannot get these minimum requirements in their life and make a good impact, so that if one person starts changing things, then it causes the others to think about that, and even they can change society,” she concluded.   

Bhavana is going to make a great impact on the world as a whole, one person at a time. Congratulations, Bhavana, and best of luck to you on all of your endeavors.