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NJ Personal Injury Attorney Interviewed About Their Metaverse Office

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Posted on January 31, 2022

Can successful Personal Injury Lawyers in South Jersey find success in the Metaverse? We find out what all the buzz is about and how and why these attorneys in NJ are navigating a world most are not familiar with.

Personal Injury Lawyers In NJ Are First In Metaverse

Grungo Law’s law office is based in Cherry Hill, NJ. They also have law offices in Philadelphia, PA, and three additional law offices in South Jersey…. but as of now they also have an office in Decentraland! What is Decentraland? It is a virtual reality world filled with avatars, and of late, a lot of large businesses. What is the attraction to Metaverse for these South Jersey attorneys?

Richard Grungo, partner in the Cherry Hill personal injury law firm Grungo Law, speaks with NJ Business Beat with Rhonda Schaffler from PBS NJ about their journey into the Metaverse and the NJ law firm’s newest office in Decentraland.