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Grungo Law Donates Food for Thanksgiving

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Posted on February 5, 2024

 Hunger is not merely the absence of food; it is the barrier that can prevent people from pursuing their dreams and education, amongst other things that we can often take for granted. During the winter months, dozens of organizations come together to ensure that families will have a meal to eat while they celebrate the holidays. 

With the help of our community and staff, Grungo Law was able to donate a sizable amount of food to the Food Bank of South Jersey, from canned goods and Thanksgiving favorites, to other necessities.   

The Food Bank of South Jersey is an incredible organization that we happily support each year during the holidays. This organization utilizes their voices to gather others within the community and work towards ending hunger in New Jersey. 

The Food Bank of South Jersey 

Aside from providing food to families that are in critical need, the Food Bank of South Jersey also offers initiatives focused on building nutrition awareness. They empower participants to “adopt healthy behaviors” through classroom instruction, hands-on cooking, and or food tasting opportunities using the products that they provide.  

Ending hunger is the key to unlocking the boundless potential of every individual and the collective strength of our community. Please be sure to check out The Food Bank of South Jersey on their website at www. to see how you can continue to support their efforts year-round.